12:04 PM

Elmo & Twilight

Thursday, March 26,2009

During our normal night-time routine (dinner, bath, book, bottle) I was listening to Brian reading to Kaleb. Whenever we go to Sam's Kaleb gets a new book. Last week we are standing in line and Brian remembers, "Kaleb! We almost forgot your book!" They take off and come back with an Elmo book as big as Kaleb. "He picked it out Ericka," Brian argued. How could I refuse?

Last night they sit down to read it Brian says, "I cannot believe how excited I am about this book Kaleb. Let's put it this way, It's better than Twilight." Bahahahahaha I think I giggled in my chair for 45 minutes. Brian continued on, "It's even got a real vampire in it, The Count. Oh and it's already on TV and movies. Like I said, Wayyyyyyy better than Twilight."

You can tell your a parents when you can compare Sesame Street's, 'The Count' to 'Twilight'.

How is THAT for blogging consistently!?