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Lumpy Junk

Monday, March 17, 2009

Happy St.Patrick's Day!

Things have been changing so much around here... Kaleb is growing so quickly... Brian is back to work... the weather is a changin'... The year was flying by so quickly. Then we hit a snag...

I was in the bath tub about 3 weeks ago. I don't know what made me do it but I did the self breast exam. The whole time I'm thinking how silly this is... Then I feel the lump. "How strange," I thought to myself. When I was breast feeding I was pumping and you get to know every inch of your breast. I know that lump wasn't there before. "Wait," I tell myself, " It's not a lump. It's probably scar tissue from your breast surgery." I call for Brian.

I begged him to tell me I was being silly. He felt the spot and told me in his best professional voice, "It's probably a clogged milk duct. You should get it checked anyway. Just call Dr.Grim." He goes to get Olivia for a third opinion. She agrees to get it checked, "just in case." I decided to get a 4th opinion the next morning and my mom agrees. Between her and Brian bugging me I called Holly at Dr. Grim's office.

She tells me that Dr. Grim will want to see me that day. I head down there with my mom on my lunch break. Dr.G let's me know it's probably a water filled cyst but was going to send me for a sonogram "just in case." I made an appointment that Friday with Proscan. Brian decides to take me where we find out in fact, it's not a cyst. It's a good ol' fashioned lump. He says his recommendation is to walk straight across the hall and make an appointment to have it removed, not biopsied. Removed. Yikes.

I met with the surgeon who echoed his views. My surgery is scheduled for Monday March 23rd. My doctor is 99.9999% sure it's not malignant now but if I don't take it out it will probably be in the future. I have a crazy long history of breast cancer in my family including two aunts who passed this year. Brian's mom had her first diagnosis at 35. He's is on my butt like white on rice (OK overprotective hovering person...it's coming out Monday). I really did get engaged to an amazing man. All the plans are set. Hopefully I'll send out a update on Tuesday :)

Wish me luck. On a lighter note here is a picture of my Easter bunny! He loves his ears and wears them everywhere and gets mad when you take them off. He also had his first shower the other day and besides trying to drink the water, he loved it :)