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The Kitchen River

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

So here is the picture of the new do... it's the best I could get with my cell phone. You get the full effect when my left eye is not covered by the hair. =)

And some Easter Basket pictures finally...

I cannot believe he's going to be 7 months this Saturday! The time flies so fast. Last night Brian was feeding Kaleb dinner when my kitchen sink stopped draining. In my best whiner voice I begged, "Pleasssssssssse come fix this. I don't know why it's stopped up but I'm tryinggggggggg to do my dishes." He tells me to hold on he's feeding a wild animal and he cannot stop mid-feed. Instead of waiting I decide to do it myself. I start disassembling the pipes below. To make a long story short, I found the source of the clog and fixed it. The bad news? I soaked myself and the kitchen floor. I'm laughing at myself when I hear Brian telling Kaleb, "Guess what your crazy mom did? She made a river in the kitchen! That mom is so silly." Kaleb thought it was hilarious and laughed at the good soaking I gave everything in our kitchen.
Olivia comes home tomorrow night! Her flight gets in around 10 pm and then they have the drive from Columbus. I'll just be happy to see her face on Thursday morning :)


Ashley said...

Yay for the amazing hair!!! Gorgeous!