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Spring Fever, Literally.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

So many things have happened since my last post. Ah, if I could only FIND the time to blog. I have "officially" started my new position with The Party Platter. Okay, so technically I've been working for it since it started but I have 100% left my old job and I am now the Operations Manager for this quickly-growing catering company. The best parts? Oh yes, parts. I get to make my own schedule without any infractions, dings or worries about being fired. I generally keep the same 7:30-4:00 pm Monday- Friday, which I just love so much. I am literally less than 2 miles from home. Both of Kaleb's baby sitters are less than 2 miles from the shop. I get to see my mother's beautiful face each and everyday and we work oh-so-well together. The best part? I'm the boss. Ah the freedom! The reason I can't FIND the time to blog? I'm so busy in the shop it's tough to tear myself away for twenty minutes. Luckily, I hired my first person yesterday. Yes I hired them! What can I say? I should've done this sooner!

Kaleb had his 6 month appointment. He is a staggering 20 pounds, 2 ounces. He stands a good 27 and 3/4 inches tall and his head remains in the 99th percentile. He had an awesome jump on his height. All of his stats are still above the 85% line. We have a very big boy. He often eats TWO types of baby food at each meal. He is now on a square breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner (and sometimes pre-bedtime snack). He is not (ughhhhhhhhhh) sleeping through the night but that is a problem confessed in a later post. I have created a monster!

He has such a wonderful personality. He loves the ladies. He smiles, giggles and is expanding his vocabulary each day. He loves to stick his tongue out and has a special knack for getting what he wants. For example, I was holding Ava (my good friend, Danielle's little girl, born 2/14/09) when Kaleb spots us from across the blanket in the living room. He rolls onto his belly, lifts himself up and scoots toward us. When he realizes he's not getting where he needs to be he starts using his hand to hold onto the blanket and drag himself to us. Before I realize what is going on he has crawled up my legs and attempts to put Ava's foot in his mouth. Thankfully he still has NO teeth but did manage to pull her sock off and get a few good munches on that! He has the whole army crawl thing down but prefers to pull himself if a blanket is near. He hasn't quite managed anything near a crawl but doesn't often attempt to try. He prefers to stand or sit (which he is doing on his own now). The only issue is when he gets excited he forgets that he's sitting and topples over. He's a brute though and as long as I laugh and say, "you're okay!" he continues on his way...

In other news, Brian and I missed Easter. How horrible! I'm so sad that we missed our son's first Easter. We didn't get to visit family, see him in his outfit, give him his basket or most important go to church. Saturday Brian stayed home from work because he wasn't feeling well. We ended up being up until 4 am coughing, aching and self-medicating. Knowing Kaleb would be up soon I called Olivia home from her friends to wait for him to wake. They snuggled for a few hours and she took him to my mom's as the sun was rising. Nothing worked for us, by 8 am the pain was so bad we called our doctor (on vacation) who called us in a prescription. My dad picked it up and the amazing cough syrup coated our throat's and knocked us out. We spent the next two days locked in our home. We could only see our son by going to the window and watching him play in my parent's yard. I'm so thankful we had them during those long days. I was better and went back to work yesterday. Brian did the same....

At lunch he called me, "Please come home. I'm here. It hurts." I was headed that way anyway so I take him to the new urgent care near our home (our doc was still out of town). They take him right back and ended up doing a chest xray. Long story short, he has walking pneumonia. He already has asthma plus he's a smoker (who claims to have quit Saturday-the last time he touched one). His lungs took a normal cold and it dropped into a serious illness. He had to have a breathing treatment, is using a prevental inhaler for the first time in 10 years, is on antibiotics so strong his skin will blister and rash in the sun and is on a high dose of steroids. I'll keep you updated on his progress. Hopefully if he can kick that nasty habit, he can kick these once a year colds.

So now I'm playing super-mom, super-wife and super-business woman. My trusty helper (Miss Olivia) is leaving for Florida tomorrow morning. The poor thing cried this morning saying good-bye to Kaleb. Even though I promised lost of cell phone pics she had one seriously hard time letting go. One week without her is going to be tough.

Hopefully I can break this nasty non-blogging habit. Wish me luck!