2:24 PM

Water Logged

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I couldn't wait for my son to take his first bath. During my pregnancy the ONLY thing that gave me any relief was a bath, I sometimes took a few a day. I knew my son would love the water. Ah, how I love being right.

The other night Kaleb woke up screaming at 2 in the morning. That is sooooooooo weird for him. He takes a bottle during the night but he whines to wake me up, he never cries. I thought maybe he was mad that I was giving him water instead of formula (a good way to break the night time bottle routine?) Normally, yes. The water made him mad, formula really pissed him off and by the time I was stripping his clothes off to change his diaper he was irate. I take a deep breath (innnnnnnnnnnn, ouuuuttttttttttt) and ask myself, "what would I do if it was me? The bath."

Problem solved. Yep. That's him-sleeping in the tub at 2 in the morning. (Don't you love the censor, Kaleb doesn't want his boy-parts on the Internet!)

Kaleb has a pen-pal from his Superhand's website. Coincidentally, his name is Caleb and he's from Alabama (just a few miles from where Brian grew up), missing his left hand and there is almost a one year birthday difference from our Kaleb. We are going to let the boys meet up each summer when we go on vacation. His mom, Wendy, and I exchange articles, stories, pictures... EVERYTHING about our boys. She suggested getting Kaleb into swimming lesson's to help make sure he is using his left hand equally and will help maintain the muscle balance in each arm. What an amazing idea!

Kaleb starts his swimming lesson's next month. Just in time for my mom's pool to open across the street. Our own private pool... I should've moved sooner!

Looks like our baby is going to be water logged. I love it!