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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Blogggggggggggiversary to Me
Happy Blogggggggggggiversary to Me
Happy Blogiversary to me…
Happy Blogggggggggggiversary to Me!

It’s been one year since I started this journey through my pregnancy, birth and first 7 months of my beautiful baby boy’s life. I went back through and reread most of the beginning entries. My goodness, GOD is good. I have had one heck-of-a year if I do say so myself. I have NEVER been more grateful for my writing. I think we are going to print and bind all of the entries for Kaleb’s one year scrapbook in September. So I self indulged and sang myself a song. Happy Anniversary Blog- it’s been a pleasure.

In Other News…

The past 12 days around here have been hell on earth. I guess the very best way for you to understand my pain is to go day by day:

Friday April 24-Sunday April 26: Our happy baby boy starts running a low grade fever. Teeth? We wondered. It certainly fit. Over the weekend his fever got progressively worse. By Sunday night he was 103-104 and we couldn’t break it. A call to his doc had us headed to the drugstore for some Children’s Motrin. It worked for a few hours. By midnight we were packing him in the car and headed up to the Children’s Hospital in West Chester.

Monday April 27: Kaleb has one nasty ear infection in his left ear. It is so bad that he has a tiny tear in the actual drum…..alas…… the reason for the fever. We are told to alternate Motrin and Tylenol for pain and give amoxicillin and ear drops twice a day. It should be over in a week. We got home and Olivia walks upstairs, “I just threw up.” Brian and I scramble to make her and Kaleb comfortable. Poor babies. Olivia swears she ate some bad Chipotle.

Tuesday April 28- Wednesday April 29: Kaleb shows initial improvement and I take him to my grandma’s on Wednesday morning. I do some running for our catering on Thursday. I started feeling really hot on the drive back to the shop…queasy…. Feverish….. I have my mom drive me home. Half way there I’m leaning out the window vomiting. Bad Chipltle? I think not. I scramble to the bathroom where I remain over the next 12 hours keeping nothing down with the most intense painful stomach cramps of my life. Kaleb stays with my mom and dad and is now refusing any type of foods or formula.

Thursday April 30: I am finally resting and have been vomit free for three hours when we have to take Kaleb back to the ER. He is refusing food, cannot breathe out of his nose, wheezing and coughing. The do a chest xray which is clear, no pneumonia. The bring in the big suction and get a good 8-10 tablespoons of phlegm out of his nose. Now that he can breathe he sucks down a 9 ounce bottle in minutes. They send off his culture and it comes back flu free. We head home before lunch.

After his nap he wakes up looks around and vomits all 9 ounces back up onto the floor. We throw him in the tub, ‘too much food too fast’ we think. As soon as he’s dressed from the tub he throws up again. Shit. He has my sickness. “No, no, no….” I keep repeating. This isn’t happening. After tiny sips of pedialyte he is throwing up again. Back to the ER… twice in one day. I tell Brian, “I’m not leaving until they fix him!”

Friday May 1: Kaleb is admitted to the hospital. They attempt to start an IV in his hand. Errrrr… not happening. The nurse is digging around, the tech is holding his legs down, Brian is holding his hand and I’m at the head of his bed. Kaleb is screaming at the top of his lungs. Brian excuses himself for a minute, goes to the hall and has a total break down. He is sobbing outside which gets the charge nurses attention. In my opinion nothing is as bad as the IV that was in his HEAD the first week of his life. I’ll take the hand, no problem. They finally get it started and strap his arm down. Thank God for George, Kaleb’s favorite monkey.

The give him Zofran for the nausea, fluids and start a heavy duty antibiotic. The first few hours were great. He was fast asleep….. We were relived he was finally getting some relief. At one in the morning Kaleb wakes up screaming… hungry… I suspect. They decide to let him have Pedialyte, one ounce at a time. This is my kid people! One ounce isn’t cutting it! He is screaming, crying, falling asleep sitting up and is inconsolable. Finally Brian gets fed up and climbs into his metal crib. Kaleb finally falls asleep on his chest.

Saturday May2 - Today: Kaleb is still randomly throwing up. His pediatrician which we have seen twice now believe he has my antibodies to penicillin and other medications like it, which always makes me sick to my stomach. He has one more dose medication to take today and I pray… we can go back to normal. I miss normal.


Ashley said...

Poor Baby! Hope he gets better super fast!