8:23 AM

Happy Mother's Day!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Can I just say that my first mother's day was amazing? Beyond amazing. It started the night before when my mom and dad gave us a Red Lobster gift certificate and sent us on our way. Kaleb was such a good boy. He sat in the booth and ate his mashed potatoes. He tried a little bit of everything and was happy with all of it- he is not a picky eater! On Sunday morning I woke up to Brian talking to Kaleb. Since day 1 Brian has been harassing him, say "Dad... Dad...Come on. You can do it!" Of course on Mother's Day Kaleb looks right back at him and says, "Daddddddd dad dad dad dad..." We both freaked out. His first word was Dad and he did it on Mother's Day!Brian scooped him up and told me to go back to sleep. I didn't argue.

A few hours later I get woken up to Brian (with help from Kaleb) carrying in a tray of food. Scrambled eggs, hash browns, toast, bacon, maple sausage- the works. He made me breakfast in bed with help from Kaleb (who had dribbles of everything on my plate down his shirt). I got to open my wonderful gifts too. Brian got me a digital bible. It holds the entire new and old testament and I can search, save, make notes and bookmark pages. It is amazing. The best part? It's not some generic jewelery gift. He really put time and effort into it with NO help from me. Kaleb (with help from his Dad) made me the most amazing keepsake plate. They thought of the craft on their own and I'm shocked at how amazing it turned out.

We spent the morning with his mom and grandparents. I even snuck in a nap! We spent the evening with my mom and dad who made the most amazing baby back ribs I have ever eaten. I got to top the night off with a long bubble bath while Brian put Kaleb to bed. He asked for him anyway, "Daddd dad dad dad..." How could he resist? Too bad Kaleb has no idea what Dad means :)

I'm not exactly what I did to deserve such an amazing fiance or son. I have no idea how they are ever going to top this mother's day. Brian told me to get used to it, the breakfast in bed is going to be his and Kaleb's Mother's Day tradition from now on. Oh how I love my boys :)

And on a side note Kaleb had TWO bottom teeth now. They grow too fast!