1:13 PM

Put That Away Mom!

Saturday May 9, 2009

My happy stinker (back to normal besides a little drainage- thank goodness!) He's growing so fast. He can sit up on his own for long periods of time now before toppling or throwing himself over. Usually when he throws himself over it's in an attempt to get the remote or cell phones. We gave him some old remotes and cell phones. I can imagine his thoughts {Yeah mom. I'm smarter than that- I want the ones that light up!} He is starting to cry when we walk out of the room so we are setting a timer to try our best to alleviate the separation anxiety. He slept through the night two nights in a row (knock knock on wood). He loves mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, sour dough pretzels and every BBQ sauce we throw at him. We tend to give him nibbles off our plates and he goes crazy. I cannot wait for the rest of his teeth to come in so we can get onto bigger and better foods. Yummy!
Check how good I can hold my bottle! Woo hoo!

Now he's just showing off. {Look at those big feet!}

"You have a camera Mom! I love that thing!" {Thanks Carter for the cute golf hat!}

"That's it, put the camera away or I'm calling Daddy."

Ok, Ok... silly boy. Tomorrow is Mother's Day- I'm sure my boys have something planned. They never cease to surprise me!


Jessica Shanks said...

omg those pics are too cute! I miss you guys! Riley loves cell phones and remotes too we call them "motes"...i actually made her crawl around the enitre living room a couple days ago by just moving my cell farther and farther away....I'm cruel lol. We need to get together this weekend!