12:37 PM


Thursday, May 7, 2009

We officially have a tooth. It's not all the way up but it has broken the surface and when he bites down, it freaking hurts. So on top of not feeling well he has the pleasure of cutting teeth. My poor little guy! He's such a trooper though. Here are some pictures from a few weekends ago (before the sickies hit our house...)

Ava. Kaleb. Riley. [He's a chick magnet!]

Did you know those swings were MADE for two babies? It would've been lonely without her.

I made him ride in her pink carseat. [Doesn't the face just say it all?]

His favorite toy. Ever. [Having one hand sure doesn't slow him down-he's got skills!]

It's my first day back to work and I am SERIOUSLY missing my baby. I think I'm going to cut out early and go get my stink.


Jessica Shanks said...

Hey can you e-mail me the rest of the pics fromt hat day when you get a chance?