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4 days to the BIG 2-4!

Wednesday June 17, 2009

We we're planning a big joint birthday bash. We sent out our e-vites, notified the rent's, set up a sitter and then cancelled. We realized we need time. We need time alone. We need time to talk about something not related to houses, baby or money. Why-o-why in the world would I want to kill myself cleaning, cooking and spend money on a party that will probably just stress me out? Hell, sending out the invites causes a tidal wave of drama that I am so-over. This birthday is about US.

We are leaving Saturday mid-afternoon (about 1 pm) and heading downtown to get checked into our hotel. We are going to spend some time shopping downtown and then get dressed up for a nice dinner. After dinner we are going to head to a local bar (we have it narrowed down to three) and we are going to party down and enjoy spending time together again. Olivia and Amanda, who so graciously took the night off from serving, will meet up with us (who do you thing those bar recommendations came from?)

Brian and I had a mini-reconnecting session last Sunday. Sometimes we just need to be reminded of what our ultimate goal is and what is important. Brian is still having a very hard time with the death of his close friend, Judge Heath. Their friendship spanned close to a decade and Jim helped him through some of the roughest times in his life. Brian grieves to himself and tries to put of a brave face but I know him. Please keep him and Jim's family in your prayers. Each time we make progress he is reminded of the tragedy on the radio, newspaper or television. It is times like these we are extra thankful for each other and our one-of-a-kind son.

On a lighter note: Pictures!

These two are ALWAYS up to NO good.

"Smile!" He is getting really good at this :)

Kaleb & Riley (Look at the height difference- Kaleb is on his knees. He's so tall!)

He was probably up to no good in this picture. It screams, BUSTED!

His obession with BLONDES in general, moreover BLONDE country singers.


Patti said...

hi there! i was browsing the superhands website and noticed that you are from cincinnati. i'm in columbus, so i thought i'd say hello! my son was born without his right hand. he'll be 3 at the end of august. perhaps we could get them together sometime! i love the idea of him having exposure to other kids who are like him! :)

i'm thatpatti on twitter - my blog is pretty inactive at the moment.