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Derek, Daddy or Mommy?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

So we took a picture on Monday before the funeral and I freaked out, "My baby looks like his Uncle Derek! I mean, he really looks like him!" Kaleb has always had a lot of Derek-like features. He even cries when you sing him 'Old Christmas Tree' just like his uncle. If you paint Kaleb's hair black and get some facial hair going we might have a Derek Jr.

But ya know, Derek and Brian look at a lot alike too. I can't deny my son looks like his Dad. I mean the first thing a nurse said to me is, "Wow. He really is his dad." As if it would be anyone else? :) But let's not be too hasty is our quest to pin-point my son's features. He is his Mother's son... even if it is only those big beautiful BLUE eyes.

Ok...ok.... so I never thought I'd be one of those obsessive parent's playing the game of, "Who does my baby look like!?" but I'll be honest it's hard to not get sucked in- I think Derek and I favor each other (Who would've thought I'd favor my fiance's brother?). Kaleb has my nose- thus Derek's nose. We all have those full lips. Sometimes I giggle to myself imagining God creating our son. He did a wonderful job!


Ashley said...

He looks like such a happy little boy!!! All smiles! :-D