11:42 AM

Happy 9 Months Baby Boy!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Today my once little tiny baby boy is 9 months old. 9 Months... we are about to leave the single digits behind. Yikes. He had his check up today and we are rolling right along:

Height: 29 inches

Weight: 22.8 pounds

Head: 19.5

Of course, he's still gigantic. All of his stats are in the high 80% except his big ol' noggin is 99%. I'm not sure he'll ever out grow that one :) His is developmentally ahead of the curve, even for a boy and being so big. His doc said he's not even going to keep doing his "adjusted" age anymore since he has blown the statistics out of the water. If we did his adjusted age (which would be 8 months) he would be off the charts. I'm happy with those results.

I cannot believe the next time we go back I will have a one year old. Where-o-where does the time go?