10:39 AM

The Summer of Saving

Monday, June 1, 2009

So I know it has been forever since I posted. The long story short? We moved. Again. Ugh. We have had problems with our current home since we moved in last October. We were in total bliss at first. I had my mom across the street, familiar neighbors, a house with a yard... everything we wanted. We decided to do a lease-contract to help us get together our down payment for a house anyway. The past 7 months the house has continued to fall apart around us with the owner flat out refusing to fix anything. I'm not talking cosmetic. The last straw was the aluminum wiring aching and shooting sparks out into our living room. We called and demanded he fix these things or we were breaking the lease. It didn't go without a fight. We ended up having to haul in the building department, Duke energy and IBI electric inspectors to condemn everything from the back deck to the wiring. Needless to say, we are out of the lease and he has a couple thousand in repairs to make before the city is going to let him rent it again.

This left us with a heavy heart. We really loved the house, neighbors and our location. We know we didn't feel we had enough savings to really start house hunting. We really planned on buying something permanent this fall. Now what? We prayed. We prayed hard. We needed guidance and answers. We weighed all of our options and went with the one that is the MOST work but will have the highest payoff. We are all now officially living with my parents. Yep. You read that right. They were gracious enough to finish the last of the basement and let us move in rent free. It is actually an amazing set up. We have our own bedroom in the basement, the bar is now our kitchen complete with fridge and microwave. We have our own bathroom with shower and a huge living room/dining room area. We installed a door at the top of the stairs about a week ago so it's like an apartment. We don't run into my parents in the bathroom, living room, kitchen because we have our own!

It took a lot out of us to break-down and go with this factor. What soon-to-be 24 and 29 year olds want to move back in with their parents? However... and this is a big... HOWEVER.... we will be about to save a gigantic amount of money in 3-4 months. One summer. One summer of saving. We'll have enough for a hefty down payment, new furniture and a large amount for our savings. We'll finally have a nest egg and our very own nest. We are planning on starting the house hunt in August and praying for a move-in by November. We'll see how it goes. This will also force me to break down and plan our wedding. We'll also qualify for the oh-so-enticing stimulus package. Tax time next season we'll be doing our happy dance in our new home :)

The move has taken a toll on our relationship. I'm sure without our faith and prayer we wouldn't have found our way back to this healthy place we are in now. We really struggled on where to go- both believing in different paths to our ultimate goal. God really guided us in some not-so-subtle ways. We we're listening and heard his answer...

We sat on the back deck listening and praying. We talked a few things out but we're still unsure of the path the Lord was wanting us to take. We do everything for our son. He is the reason we should make one decision over another. What is best for him? Brian and I were reminded of how we stumbled upon his name in the bible. We read his story again. Joshua and Caleb stayed faithful to the Lord during a very trying time and we're rewarded. "But my servant Caleb, because he has a different spirit and has followed me wholeheartedly, I will bring into the land into which he went, and his descendants shall possess it". (Numbers 14:22-24) We both sat pondering. Could making a difficult choice and staying faithful to God bring us the home that we truly desired? We thought so. We both started laughing and heard birds chirping- at 2 in the morning. It was an amazing feeling.

Brian's dreams that night startled him. He sat down to the computer as the sun was rising that morning. He stumbled upon my blog (which I am sad to say he never gets the time to read!) He said he clicked on the link to read our birth story and read all the way to today. His doubts dissolved in that instant. The Lord does work in mysterious ways.

So here we are... back where is all began. We are faithful and know that this is the right plan for our family. Our "Summer of Saving" is in full swing! Wish us luck.