9:13 AM

Smiles & Sisters

Friday, June 5, 2009

Thank you to everyone who gave me ideas on Kaleb's bed. We ended up going with the "breathable bumpers." We found them here at our local BRU and we'll be giving them a try this evening. I forgot to mention that when Kaleb puts his face in the bumper he manages to wiggle his little arm down through the mattress/bumper and out the rail. If for some reason he couldn't get his chubby little arm out his face is still mashed into the bumper. Normally we would've just let him go because he obviously has amazing head control. I'm just happy we found this bumper and our next child will have this from day #1.

Speaking of our amazing 8 month old... he smiles on command. It is the cutest thing I have ever seen. Sorry the quality of my video stinks... I really need a new phone! :)

There hasn't ever been any secret that my sister, Olivia, is my best friend. We are 110% different but so much alike. She is a free-spirit, tells it like it is, loves with passion and lives life in the fast lane. I am soft-spoken, keep my feelings to myself, loves with her whole heart and lives life in a more comfortable setting. Olivia doesn't have any tattoo's...until yesterday....

Yep. She did. What devotion. I am in awe of her decision. The reason for Kaleb's birthday? That was the day it all changed. The way we loved each other changed. It turned into something so much more than that... to hear her describe the way she felt that day makes me want to cry sitting here. There is an bond between us that only we can understand. She is the only person who has traveled with me throughout life... the entire time... She understands. I cannot repay her with a tattoo (Can you even see me with one?) I have my own way of showing my devotion to her (that only Brian and Olivia know about) and one day we'll share it with the world, God willing. I have always thought of her as the strong, confident one. This whole time she has seen that in me. Go figure.

"How do people make it through life without a sister?" Sara Corpening

Happy Weekend! :)