10:47 AM

10 Months

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

On Saturday my little boy turned 10 months old. Time Flies. Here is Kaleb and I this time last year:
Kaleb is standing up like a champ. He crawls 3 different ways: army crawl, knee crawl or monkey crawl. The monkey crawl in my favorite, he crouches down and scoots himself across the floor so he's ready to stand up whenever. It's like he's walking crunched up in a ball. He can say, "Dada, Baba, Ball, Dog, Hi and my personal favorite, Mama." There is nothing I love more than hearing him scream, "Mamommmmm mamamamamom!" If you are eating regular food and try to give him baby food, forget it. The kid wants real food.
He loves to sleep in-say 10:00 am these last few weekends- Brian and I thank him for this much needed sleep. He is absolutely in love with Tigger and Pooh on the Disney channel. We have recorded a few episodes and once he hears those songs he's in a trance. I love it! He's starting with the separation anxiety especially when he's tired or isn't feeling well. (I think it's harder on me than him) These 10 months have flown by faster than I prefer. His hand hasn't slowed him down one bit. Isn't God great? We love you baby boy!
Kaleb is 10 months, 3 days old.