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Adventures In Fatherhood

Friday, July 24, 2009

As I mentioned in the previous post Brian & Kaleb got some serious one-on-one time this past week. As I headed out for work the boys headed for Brian's parent's house for a visit. They ended up at Golden Corral hoping to allow Kaleb a chance to sample everything he could possibly get his 4 (yep. He has 4 now) teeth around. Great Idea.

As they sit down to get drinks Brian decides that Kaleb needs a diaper change. He takes him, the wipes container and one diaper into the bathroom. (I'm sure all mother's can see Rookie Mistake #1: that is what the diaper bag is for! Don't be afraid to carry it!) As he lays Kaleb down on the changer he realizes the right side is broken so he's holding it up with his leg. Kaleb is, of course, trying to roll off, stand up, kneel-basically anything but lay down. Brian quickly realizes that Kaleb is covered in poop. It's in his shirt and his shorts so he starts attempting to undress him and ends up with poop in Kaleb's hair and up his back. He looks into the wipes container and realizes he has about 6 wipes (Rookie mistake #2: How can you not check to make sure you are fully stocked!?) He does his best with what he has but quickly moves on to toilet paper. It gets stuck all over Kaleb, who is now trying to eat the toilet paper. (Rookie Mistake #3: Toilet Paper? Restaurant toilet paper? Need I say more?) Brian gives up at this point and he takes him over to the sink and just starts rinsing him off.

As he goes to put his new diaper on Kaleb begins to pee all over and ruins the only diaper Brian brought into the bathroom. What is a distraught dad to do? He throws away his outfit, diaper, wipes container and walks my child butt naked out into the restaurant to get the diaper bag. He dresses him at the table. Brian's parents are laughing so hard at what is going on they are absolutely no help to my frazzled fiance :)
I'm happy to report Kaleb was able to eat like a champ and settled in for a long afternoon nap. Brian gave me a call at work to warn me not to ask why his diaper bag is missing items and his outfit it not coming home. Besides Kaleb coming home smelling like restaurant soap I think it was a pretty successful outing!

Kaleb is 9 months, 4 weeks and 1 day old.