8:59 AM

How to Change A Dirty Diaper (Daddy Style)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I decided to pick up Kaleb early yesterday (around 3) and we went over to visit Ava and Dani for a bit. Kaleb started to throw his usual it's past 6 o'clock and I'm tired but won't sleep routine so we headed home. We ate, got a bath, played with the doggies, took a walk and then started dinner in hopes of eating with daddy tonight. I cooked two separate meals, one healthy for me and one fit for someone who just worked 13 hours, and sure enough he walked in 10 minutes before they were done. I sent him to the shower and set the table.

We ate our meals out back on the porch as the sun was setting. Kaleb was unusually good, probably because of his father's presence at the table. He was snacking on our food and laughing. We washed up after dinner and went to put Kaleb to sleep. I was changing the sheets when Brian looks at me, "Ugh. Ericka, is that poop? Ericka, seriously, Is that poop!?" His voice was more frantic with each word. "Yep, Looks that way. Let me grab the wipes for you." His face was priceless.

Normally I handle all the dirty ones. I don't mind, it doesn't bother me one bit. I usually trade it for something like a bubble bath. Every now and then I let him handle one though, just so he doesn't forget how it's done :)

He laid out a towel and got one flap undone before Kaleb was flipping over and trying to crawl away. "Nooo Kaleb. Daddy is trying to change your (gag) stinkies." He takes a wipe, does one swipe and throws it to the side! About 15 wipes later I decide to point out, "Kaleb has poop on his foot." Brian turned to me in horror, "No! Ewww how did that happen?" In the brief moment he stopped Kaleb took off again and when Brian reached for him he stuck his whole arm in the dirty diaper. I couldn't understand the jumbled mess that came out of Brian's mouth next because he was gagging, I was laughing and Kaleb was busy crawling around our brand new sheets with a naked butt.

I stepped in at this point, assuming he'd had enough and got them both cleaned up for bed. Brian agreed to put him to sleep so we all read a story and I jumped up to finish some laundry. I come around the corner a half hour later and Kaleb is wearing Brian's belt jumping on the pillows. "Oh it's Mom!" Brian yells and pulls him under the covers. Needless to say I had to be the bad guy and let them know that 10 pm is way past little boy's bedtime.

I love these nights.