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One *Bang* Up Holiday

Friday, July 10, 2009

So it's been a while since my last post, for good reason. The holiday weekend started out good. Kaleb was fast asleep before any fireworks started so we'll see how he does next year. He did get to see some sparklers and such but he wasn't too interested. He did look awful cute though!

On Monday Kaleb started to get fussy. He was a bear all day and we finally wrestled him to bed around 11 pm. I woke up to Kaleb crying about 3:30 am. It was strange. He never cries. I scooped him up and tried rocking him back to sleep. No chance. I made a warm bottle, Brian sang to him and we plopped him between us in bed. Thank God.

At 4:41 am I woke up to Kaleb moving around. It looked like he was kicking his feet and throwing a tantrum. It took all of ten seconds for my eyes to adjust and I knew something wasn't right. I screamed for B to hit the lights. It was far worse than I imagined.

Kaleb's back was arched, his little body shaking and convulsing. His eyes were fluttering back into his head, drool coming out of his mouth, pale, lips turning blue. "Call 911 and meet me upstairs!" I called to B as I ran for my parent's bedroom. My mom knew something was up as soon as my foot hit the top stair. I burst into their room at full speed. "I need help Dad! I can't think straight." My normal don't-panic, you've been through this training, you have a medical degree did not register one bit. I kept thinking, I cannot do CPR on my baby. I cannot do it.

Thank God for those moments when my Dad didn't allow his 15+ years with the fire department get clouded by Kaleb's convulsing body. We turned him on his side and I swept his throat making sure he hadn't ingested something. I held his tongue aside so he could pass air and his color perked up immediately. Five minutes later he was snoring. Of course, we couldn't wake him up but the squad was there now.

I jumped into the back and asked to do his oxygen treatment. I begged. They agreed and one of the EMT's sat in the front. I know they went against protocol but I was so thankful! About half way down to Children's Kaleb came around and screamed his head off the rest of the way. I have never been more thankful to hear those screams. Brian followed the ambulance in our car and I was proud at how level headed to entire family was- of course, this wasn't our first time.

The short version? Kaleb had a febrile seizure. 2-3% of children will have them when they suddenly get a fever. It doesn't have to be a high fever, Kaleb's was a cool 101.2 when we arrived at the hospital. It probably went from 98 to 101 in about 15 minutes and then he had the seizure. If you have one seizure, you are 30-40% likely to have another. Memorial Day weekend we found Kaleb unresponsive in his bed. He was like a wet noodle. We took him into the ER and they weren't sure at the time but they are comfortable now saying he had a seizure and we found him in the post-dictal state where he is sleeping (but unable to wake him). He is now 70% likely to have another one before he is 6. The good news? He will probably out grow these seizures. He will probably have more but now we are prepared.

His top teeth have broken the surface which could've been the reason for the spike in fever. Nice. How many more teeth do we have to go? He is on an aggressive fever treatment. He no longer to have Infant Tylenol or Motrin. He is to have a teaspoon of the Children's kind alternated every 3 hours. We have to be very careful about testing for fever's too if we want to try to head one of these off in the future.

I wonder if I should just stick one of those fever temp skin things to him permanently? I was off the last three days with our booger making sure he was good-to-go before releasing him to anyone else for the day. I am praising God that we put him in bed with us that night. I cannot begin to run down the "what-if's?" because there is a good chance he would never go back into his own bed. I am also equally thankful that I have an amazing partner who supports us in every way, an amazing dad who reminded me of my medical training and my mother who keeps us all in line and provides me with a job that allows me to stay home three days and watch over our beautiful baby boy. He ended up being okay to help Mommy cook on day 2!

The doctor at the hosptial did have the nerve to tell us, "We'll he shouldn't have been in your bed..." I'll spare you the details but let's just say it lit one smokin' fire under Brian's butt. I highly doubt she'll bring up that point with another parent again. He was very professional about it, I have to admit. She deserved every, single minute of it too.

On a Side Note: So what are the odds that my child is born without his hand? Slim to none. Completely random. So now he's one of the 2-3% who has these febrile seizures. I'm going to get some lottery tickets and I'm going to let Kaleb touch them. He's obviously got some magic quality that allows him to defy odds.


Ashley said...

Poor little man! Im glad things are a little better. Seems like you guys have been busy!