10:09 AM


Monday, July 13, 2009

I am happy to report this weekend was uneventful. Thank God. Kaleb finished the last of his medication, Brian and I both worked Saturday, and we really did a number on the house Sunday.

Kaleb decided to be an awesome little man this weekend and sleep in until 9:30 am Sunday morning. I was so over-joyed to be able to sleep in that we whipped up breakfast for Brian. He was so happy with our little gesture he went to work right away! First he swept the pool, did some crazy landscaping in the back and made dinner for everyone. It was actually a great weekend. My parents spent the whole weekend at the shop putting the finishing touches on some of the tile. We literally have to set equipment and we are up and running. They were obviously amazed at all the work we (...I mean Brian...) had done.

Kaleb also has one tooth breaking through his gums on the top. There might be two, he isn't really into letting me take a peek right now.

I threw in some pictures for my extra-boring post. Hopefully we'll have something better later this week :)