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Taste Update

Friday, August 14, 2009
First and foremost, the Taste of Colerain was a success. I had a babysitter back out at the last minute which left me scrambling for a replacement. And let's be honest, that was #1 in my mind. Thankfully my amazing grandmother stepped it up and took Kaleb two nights in a row. Not just during the Taste but overnight so that we didn't have to wake him up at midnight and bring him home. Talk about self-sacrifice. She is my hero :) My mom's best friend, Penny, had K on Sunday for a few hours before we just brought him up to the Taste. He really enjoyed seeing everything and I got to duck out on clean up to take my boy home and spend some quality time with him. Brian and I both took off Monday to spend the day with our boy too.

Me, Mom, Amanda & Olivia setting up. I love this picture.

Can you guess who is in our penguin costume?

He knew his Papa was in there! He kept saying, "Dad? Daddddddd...?" and looking the the mouth.

Once a marine, always a marine.

The penguin was a gigantic hit. We had two high school boy's take turns running around in it during the day. We had some serious heat so my heart goes out to those two amazing boys! At night, Brian took his turn in the suit which eventually led to him being called, "The Party Penguin." I have some hilarious video's of our penguin (Brian) getting down!

The food was awesome, of course. Cody and Char we're my sanity. They we're troopers the entire weekend. Poor Char ended up passing kidney stones at work on Monday after over-hydrating herself during the Taste. We have already booked our place next year and I have them scheduled off work again :) I couldn't have asked for a better staff during the weekend.

During Kaleb's stay with my grandma I went down on Saturday morning to have breakfast with them and spend a few hours playing before I had to head back. After breakfast Alie, Kaleb and I laid down for a nap in my grandma's bed. Two hours later I woke up to Kaleb standing on his own in between us! The kid is standing on his own. It makes him seem so big to see him hovering there ready to take his first steps.

He is running down the couch only holding on with his 'helper hand.' I was thinking he'd be a while to walk but I might be eating my words soon. The kid is on a mission. Thank goodness we have had our video camera out non-stop lately. We've caught so many adorable moments! I cannot believe we are going to have a toddler in just a few short weeks.

Kaleb is also cutting teeth #5 and #6 so I stayed home with him Tuesday-Thursday. We had our routine down and I was really starting to enjoy being a stay and home mom. I enjoy my job too though. I have the best of both world's! Now that the taste is over you can expect a lot more Kaleb blog's- I know that's what you all want!

Kaleb is 10 months, 2 weeks and 6 days old.