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Bengals, Bouncing Babies & Birthday's!

Monday, September 14, 2009

My blogging has seriously been lacking and that is an understatement. We are in the process of some gigantic changes for our little family and of course the blog takes a hit. However, I still journal ideas and now I’ll do my best to update the HUGE amount that has happened in the past 2 weeks.

Kaleb has 8 teeth now. 4 on top, 4 on bottom. It is amazing to see him eat a cracker! Who would’ve thought something like that could make me so happy!? He went to his very first Bengal’s game with Dani and Ava. It was so much fun. Of course, the kiddo’s didn’t make it too long but at least we can say he went to his first game before he was a year old. Here are some pictures of the outing: Our beautiful Bengal babies :)

He was interested in the game. More interested in his Cheerios.

Dani & Ava Me & K-man

Kaleb got his first haircut on September 4, 2009. We took him to a place called Cookie Cutter’s in West Chester. It was amazing. He was so distracted by Bob the Builder and his race car he barely noticed anyone cutting his hair. (He did take a few swipes at Denise- but she was a champ!) We snapped a video clip and you can see how much fun he’s having! If you turn up the volume you can hear him say his new favorite word, "Cheeeeerio." We even got the cutest certificate for his first cut and she attached some of his hair. Oh, how my little boy is growing. He seriously looks like a little Brian running around with blonde hair and blue eyes. I guess he did get something from his mama.

And finally the biggest news to date, Kaleb took his first steps last Saturday (9-5-09). He stood up in the middle of the room on his own and just started walking. Of course, I was like, “Look! Oh my gosh!” and startled him. Idiot move mom. He still won’t do it if he knows you are watching and he’s pretty darn lazy. He knows he can get there faster with his monkey crawl so he’ll just do that instead. He is his father's son.

With his birthday right around the corner we are going to have to scale down the party. We obviously aren’t in our own place just yet and honestly, it makes me overwhelmingly sad. I’m going to do the best with what I have to work with, thank goodness I have such an amazing support system. Hopefully by the holiday’s I’ll be able to update more often and we’ll be settled into a new place. I did send off for his invitations I created for $0.00 on Scrapblog.com. Yep. You read that right ZERO dollars. I love being thrifty. Woo hoo!

Kaleb is 11 months, 2 weeks & 6 days old.