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Kaleb's First Birthday Party

Written on: Monday, September 28, 2009
Posted on: November 21, 2009

Kaleb's first birthday partywas a gigantic success. We had it on Sunday which was perfect for the football/Bengal's theme. The Bengals ended up beating the Steelers 23-20 so that added something extra. We love a Bengal's Win! We decided to grill out and provide food for everyone which turned out so nice. The day was actually sunny and felt amazing. Kaleb was a very happy little boy and, after threatening everyone in the house, I was able to lay him down for a nap right before his party.

We wanted to make the morning of his actual birthday special

Daddy had to work but he met us for a great lunch!

Some of his birtday haul from us, he was a very happy camper.

The cupcake cake: very good for little kid's parties. No cutting!

All my neices, nephew plus Kman & Riley.

He was ready.

Smash cake. I made that one myself :)

His gift from Aunt Olivia!

This was the face he made when he realized he had all new toy's the next morning.

Overall everything went amazing. Kaleb was so tired after that weekend he slept a good 14 hours into Monday morning. I know future parties will only get bigger and more fun but it felt good to celebrate with our closest family and friends. I'd call the day a huge success. Hopefully Kaleb did too!

Kaleb is 1 year, 3 days old.