1:35 PM

Livin' On A Prayer

Friday, November 6, 2009

We went from thriving to existing within a few short months.

I'm sure everyone can recall my Summer of Saving post in May. We were so overwhelmingly excited and motivated and on the move. I just knew that when we left my parent's house we would have the house of our dreams and a nice little nest egg to boot.

Fast forward: November 1, 2009.

Existing. It's such a yucky word. How do you fall so fast? I knew that this whole bad economy thing would effect us when I heard the term "recession" thrown around three years ago when Brian & I began our life together. Oh how very wrong I was about HOW much it would effect us.

The long and short of it? We are broke, looking for work and living with my in-laws. It turns my stomach just reading that sentance. Me. Ericka. The always over-achieving, planning, saving, wise-decision making person I grew up to be had hit the bottom. No, not rock bottom but lower than I have ever been.

My work? It's still there but some funding issues (to say the least) has caused me to take a step back and let them fix what is wrong. I still volunteer my time and work a few hours a week to help correct the issues but as of now I am severly under-employed. I love my job and I just continue to pray that the company can finally get the push it needs in 2010. I just found out I landed a part-time job with a local TPA (an insurance company similar to my old job) so hopefully that will give us the boost we need for this holiday season.

Brian's work? They promised amazing things when he took this new job in May. No lay-off's, no 'seasonal' work, great benefits, even better pay and close to home. When I casually reminded Brian that it was time for his insurance to become effective (have you ever had to pay a COBRA premium? It's ridiculous.) We we're notified his hours we're being cut which means no insurance and a lay-off would be imminent. Damn recession.

This was 2 months ago. So... here we are.... barely surviving. Our savings was gone, gone, gone when Kaleb's medical bills started rolling in from that 7-day NICU stay. Our 'Summer of Saving' and turned into the 'Summer of Surving' and now it's simply 'The Winter of Existing.' To try and make the burden lighter on my family we had to head to Hamilton to stay with Brian's parents. Thank GOD for our family. Between my grandparents, B's parents and my amazing mother Kaleb wouldn't know we we're struggling if I told him so. I can only praise the Lord for that- not to mention the outpouring of support from our friends. I hate living across town... I miss my Char & Dani & my sister.

So this post turned out pretty, um, negative. That was not my intention because some very great things have happened because of this gigantic wave of crap we are dealing with right now. Brian and I are so very close. Insanely close. Stripping a family down to nothing will really show you what you are made of... I sometimes find myself wondering what it would be like to go through this with someone else and immediately feel thankful for Brian.

The biggest positive is all the time with K-man. This winter he will spend all his time with family. No outside daycare which drastically limits his exposure to all these sickies (H1N1, seasonal flu, ect). We continue to pray and wash our hands frantically in hopes of keeping him safe this season. Kaleb is rotating between me, Brian, his mom, my grandma and Aunt O during working days.

Stripping it down and admitting all of these struggles has been tough. We are all here, we are all healthy and we still have faith (and are counting our MANY blessings)

I have continued to blog and have a ton of updates to post. Keep an eye out for them- words of encouragment, bible verses, your own stories and prayer requests are always appreciated.

Kaleb is 13 months, 1 week and 5 days old. (and over 30 pounds- I know right!? Look for an update soon!)