3:26 PM

The Thanksgiving Sickies

December 23, 2009

A Thanksgiving post? Right before Christmas? Oh yes, you read right. Our house has been over-taken by the sickies!

Poor Kaleb started with a horrible cough 4 days after Thanksgiving. Of course the spread of germs was rampant on that day and we just couldn't avoid the inevitable, even with my constant hand washing. The doc diagnosed him with croup and gave him a single shot of steriods. We start the humidifier, get out the vicks and set up shop in the living room so Kaleb can sleep in the recliner.

Fast forward three weeks, two more doctor visits and finally a $93.00 antibiotic did the trick. Just in time for Christmas germs! I'm sure Kaleb barely remembers what it is like to sleep in a normal bed.

Thanksgiving, nevertheless, was a blast and we really enjoyed seeing the whole family. I cannot believe how different things are this year. Kaleb even got to eat at the big boy table!

The big kid table & feeding himself.

Now that is what I call service. He is a ladies man :)

We did a little Christmas decorating- he loved it!

I promise I won't wait another 4 weeks this time, even if my house gets the sickies again!

Kaleb is 1 year, 2 months, 4 weeks old.


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