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Christmas 2009

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Christmas was amazing this year. Kaleb was such a joy to watch. He enjoyed every single minute of the two-day festivities. Christmas is the best in pictures:

Christmas Eve at B's Mom's house. Kaleb had the cutest sweater to go over that flannel.

Opening gifts here is CRAZY.

Our only picture because the kid never stopped running around

Kaleb never got to wear his red sweater. He threw up from running around after eating. He's sipping sprite here.

Later Christmas Eve at my grandma's house opening gifts with O

He loved playing with that giraffe. He's too short to pedal but he'll straddle it and hit the buttons.

Christmas morning came too early for both of them

And after playing all Christmas day... this is our sign that it's past his bedtime.

All the fun of Christmas was quickly forgotten on December 26th when Kaleb woke up after falling asleep and threw up in our bed. About 30 minutes later he fell asleep on my chest and then got sick all over me within minutes. Poor guy. I threw him in the tub (I figured it would make him feel better and clean him up). It did the trick. He was asleep within minutes and stayed that way. Whew.

Brian and I set up the couch in the living room for Brian and I laid down with Kaleb. At 5 am, I was over the toilet. I stayed that way for the next painful 24 hours. Oh my goodness. I am so very thankful for Brian who took care of Kaleb (who thankfully never got sick again) and my very sick self.

Fast forward to New Years Day. We are waiting in the Children's Hospital ER for Kaleb to be seen for his 104.5 degree fever. He has been off his antibiotic for less than 10 days and had developed an ear infection. My poor guy! They start a new course of more intense antibiotics that have some not-so-nice side effects. Every single time he's gotten an ear infection he's cutting teeth within two weeks. His back gums are white and puffy. Kaleb seems to be gnawing on toys, a habit he stopped a few months ago. Hello drool city.

It's been a rough start to 2010. But we are optimistic.

And waiting on spring.

Kaleb is 1 year, 3 months, 2 weeks and 2 days old.


Jessica Shanks said...

So the day after we visited you guys I got the bug...then Riley...then Brian....scott..sherry...and then Jason lol. It was a looooong week.