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Baby Girl

Wednesday May 26, 2010

Before I start in on baby girl I realized I left a few minor details about my oh-so-sweet son. Sometimes, usually after 5 pm, he's anything but sweet. It's the age, I'm sure. When he starts to get tired it's like he morphs into this temper-tantrum throwing mini-tornado! His main problem is hitting. When he gets like this if I try to pick him up or get him out of the refrigerator or make him do something he just doesn't want to do- HELLO! He spends a bit of time in 'time-out' in the afternoon but it seems to work. We cannot do these little breaks in the living room in a chair because it becomes a gigantic game of chase to get him to stay. However, all I have to do it mutter the word 'timeout' and he's clinging to me saying, "Sowweee Mama!" I actually did not have to put him in time-out this entire weekend (until Sunday-which was a no nap day) for drinking dirty pool water over and over again.

So... baby girl.... ah where to begin.

Tomorrow I am exactly 2 months from my due date. 8 weeks. For our particular situation that means less than 8 weeks because Doc is not going to let me go into labor on my own. K-man was delivered at 36 weeks 1 day for baby girl that is Brian's birthday: June 30th. I couldn't speed my pregnancy up with Kaleb and with her I cannot slow it down. I pray to make it to at least July 15th for her and for us.

My nerves? I am terrified I won't be able get everything done in time. By this point with Kaleb I had EVERYTHING done: room, supplies, house, clothes. With her? I have nothing done. She will be sharing our room (Thankfully we have a large room, walk-in closet and master bath). I know my limits with babies now so even if we had an extra room she wouldn't sleep in it yet. I'm not super-human people! I, however, will NOT be co-sleeping with her at all. Her crib is going to be her bed from that first night home and to help me make sure this happens I have registered for these two items:

The Angel Care Movement Monitor: Basic Version

This monitor detects baby's slightest movements and alerts you if absolutely no movement is detected for 20 seconds. An optional "tic" feature is available on the monitor. If the Sensor Pad senses movement, a tic sound will be heard into the Parents Units. The 'tic' sound can be disabled without removing the movement monitoring. This monitor also has sound transmission and can be used as movement and sound monitor or as sound monitor alone.

The main reason Kaleb never slept in his bed? SIDS terrified me. If he was laying next to me I could open my eyes at any moment and see his chest rising and falling. The fact that he had trouble breathing during the first few days of his life just made that transition harder. I wish I would've known about this product with him. This is a must-have for baby girl. They have a deluxe model that let's you know the temperature in the room but my thermostat works just fine :) Plus it will be my room too so I'm pretty sure I'll know if the temperature goes crazy. For about $90.00 bucks this monitor will soon become my sanity.

Summer Infant Day and Night Video Monitor

This product is self-explanatory. This basic model goes for about $100.00 bucks now and the only thing I need it for is the video although it has the sound option. The cheaper video monitor's (I've heard/read) do not have the best sound quality but we have an apartment with close quarters and two other sound monitors. I just need to be able to SEE her when we are in the living room/kitchen. That will make her transition from womb to crib bearable for me.

I worried constantly during my pregnancy with Kaleb. I just don't with her. I have never truly understood what it means to say, "It's in God's hands" until now. I worried myself sick with Kaleb driving Brian crazy with all the "what-if's" and what happened? He was born with out his hand! I mean, that was huge for me at the time. Now? God made him perfect. Perfect. I don't even see his hand anymore. I didn't from day #2. I'm sure anyone who has come to know him (Char or Dani) will tell you, Kaleb is Kaleb. Baby girl will be baby girl no matter how much I worry, God has got this.

I sometimes confuse not worrying with I will not love her as much as Kaleb. Nonsense too. I know I'll love her as much as Kaleb. My heart will grow another size the day she is born and I'll have my perfect baby boy and sweet little girl to make our family complete. I'm so as ease with her, it scares me sometimes. But then I shake it off and that is probably why I cannot slow the time down in preparation for her arrival. Time flies when you don't spend your time reading baby books, scanning the internet and count down the days. Life is more enjoyable this way.

And she notices it too. She is active. Oh she is active. I cannot compare her personality more than to my darling sister, Olivia. The attitude is insane! At my last visit she kicked the fetal heart monitor 4 times so hard he had to try again for her heartbeat. Doc finally gave up saying, "She's obviously fine and kicking or punching." My sweet little boy never did anything like that! She is up all hours of the night and sleeps during the day al-la-Olivia. I have a feeling Miss Thang will be a name that sticks.

Char has decided to throw Brian, Kaleb and I an awesome "sprinkle" at the end of June (I will write another blog on this once we have all the details set) so hopefully that will help with some of the small items we have to replace from Kaleb (Doc Brown Bottles, Pacificers, Boppy Cover, Moby Wrap, ect). Char, Kaleb and I went and registered again (wasn't I just doing this?!) so now I have a better idea of the things I really need versus the things I just really want. Now that I am already a mom I find that this list is much easier to make. Thank God for experience.

I go see Doc tomorrow and I will be almost 32 weeks pregnant. I passed my diabetes test. What comes next? I'll have to check my blog (thank God I have this record for myself) but boooooooo for Group B Strep test. I hate that one worse than all the other combined!

Kaleb is exactly 20 months and 1old today. Woah. And still such a cutie!

Baby girl is 31 weeks 3 days and still a cookin'.


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K-man at 19 Months

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

First things first, a very Happy Anniversary to my wonderful mom and dad who will celebrate 9 years of marriage today (after being engaged for 8 years!) They have officially been married longer than engaged. Woo hoo!

I really debated whether to blog about Kaleb's milestones or baby girl today. I have so much to say about both of them and I just couldn't decide. Then I saw this gigantic picture of K-man (as he is now known around our house) on my desk and just couldn't resist...

I have struggled with Kaleb's sleeping pretty much since day #1 of his life. I just cannot let go at night! It's 110% me, maybe 90% Brian and 0% Kaleb that has separation issues when it comes to bedtime. How does that happen!? Before we moved we bought Kaleb a full-size bed in hopes of making the transition easier to his new room. Did it work? In a word: Yes!

We did his whole room in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and he is in love. He has a tiny flat screen television that only has a DVD player hooked up that is NEVER left on at night or used to get him to sleep. I cannot sleep with the television on (although my parents and sister do). I can't even fall asleep when it is on so there wasn't a chance I would use it to put my kids to sleep. In fact, we have a television in our room that has no antenna or DVD player attached. It's just sitting there because I never turn it on! Kaleb has a nice size walk-in closet so his dresser fits perfectly which leaves his entire room a play zone! We did hit a few snags when he first moved into his bed because he'd roll right out and onto the pillows we had covering the floor. Whoops! A $20.00 bed rail fixed that issue. I love that he can just get out of bed and come find us if he gets scared or wants more to drink. We keep his monitor on still but the only thing I hear over it now is "Mama? Dada?" then his little Flintstone feet running across the floor to our room. We have a no issues with him trying to get in our bed- in fact, he'll get up and ask us to get out of bed and lay with him if he's having a rough night. Brian has TRIED to get him to lay with him and Kaleb wants nothing to do with being crammed between us anymore. Where did my baby go?!


Kaleb is now 19 months old. We put hit on a digital scale this weekend and he weighed 34.8 pounds. No wonder I can barely lift him in and out of the car at 7 months pregnant! As I recall with my cousin Alie they we're hoping she'd hit 40 pounds before Kindergarten so they could put her in a booster seat. Yikes. Now my kid is approaching that weight and he's not even 2 years old. I love having a big boy, I just hate picking him up when he says, "Mommy up!" I don't think it would be so bad if I didn't have this gigantic belly sticking out in front- I'll let you know if it's any easier to pick him up at Halloween (once my c-section scar has healed again!)

I will have to get out the tape measure this evening and see how tall our little man is but he's in proportion. As you can see from the picture he's losing a little bit of his baby fat around his face and stomach. ::sighs:: Is it just me or is this happening too fast?

Milestone wise? If I could write down my list it would be a mile long! Here are some of the words and phrases he's using now:

Mama, Daddy, O, Pop-Pop (my dad), Mamaw (B's mom), Papaw (B's dad), Don (my grandpa), Baby or Sissy (my belly & ultrasound pics), Wiley (Riley), Ava, Char, Turtle (Cody-haha- I don't know why he calls him turtle!), Jess
Satin, Sweeeede (Suede), Duke, Sacha, Iiiiiiiiiire (Irie)
Cup, Juice, Milk, Apple (for tomatoes & apples), Nana (banana), Pickle, Cheese, Pop, Baba (when it's time for bed this is what his cup becomes), Chip
Please, Up, More, Now, No, Yes, This, Here, Bath, Shower, Towel, Wet, Hair, Wain (Rain), Ou-side (outisde), In, Keys, Truck- Vroom (together), Car
Bob (Bob the Builder), Dory & Mo (Nemo), Elmo, Tigger, Eeyore, Pig (Piglet), Kan-go (Kanga), Roo, Owl, Bees, Dog, Doggy, Tat (cat), Turtle, Moooo- cow (He says them together)

I know I'm not even beginning to do his word list justice because he just talks all day long. When Brian gets home from work he makes sure to hit the buzzer on the way up the stairs and Kaleb meets him at the door to carry in his lunch box. He then says, "Daddy! Shower? Okay... towel!" and runs off to get him a towel and meets him in the "Potty" where he sits on the floor until Brian is done. He is using his words sooooooo well now. I cannot believe some of the things he says now including a four-letter word that starts with an S and ends in -Hit. If Nemo skips this is the first this he says! Thank you Brian. We try and correct him and say, "Yes watch Mommy SIT" and I sit down but he's anything but stupid.

Physically there isn't much the kid cannot do. He can walk, run, walk backward, jump (and he does-ALL the time), do stairs, climb (anything and everything!), open doors, drawers, refrigerators. He can identify all the parts of his body including: hair, eyes, nose, teeth, tongue, ears, arm, hand (and his other hand), wee-wee, belly, belly button, hiney(butt), knees, toes and last week Brian showed him where is calf and arm-pits are located. His favorite thing to do is read and take bath's. He can feed himself with a spoon and fork but prefers the fingers. He can screw and unscrew caps. He can drink from an open cup with NO problem until he gets bored then he just dumps it out on purpose. He drinks his milk with dinner each night with no lid and we have no problems.

Developmentally the kid is a whiz. I have nothing to compare him to since I am a first-time mom but the early intervention specialist we've spoken to tells me he's way past an 18 month old level. We are working on things that he's struggling with like removing his clothes so he can potty train when he's ready. Obviously, this is the part where missing a hand could hinder a child but Kaleb seems to be figuring things out quickly and without our help. I, personally, have no interest in potty training until after the holiday's this year. Sure, he pees and poops on the potty with a little help from us but he's just not ready. The two books I've read say the same thing, "Don't Rush!" and just because he's showing signs of being interested doesn't mean introduce the potty. We don't want it to become a toy or something he gets burnt out on which happens all too often. I'll just be happy if he's going on his own by the time he's 3... and I think that's realistic. The last thing I want is for him to hate the idea of going to the bathroom. When he's old enough to understand the reward system then we'll get down to business until then 2 in diapers doesn't bother me one bit.

And now some pictures from Easter and the Spring months:

He was so excited to see this but had no clue why! :)
Playing Daddy's harmonica before we left for church.
Easter egg hunt with Aunt O- He had to open EVERY egg before moving onto the next.
Our best attempt at a picture.
K-man's snack that ended up on our porch. He was trying to eat these as I was sweeping everything up. Gross!

Kaleb is 19 months, 3 weeks and 2 days old.

Baby Girl is 30 weeks, 2 days in the cooker.

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We are ALIVE! I promise.

Thursday May 13, 2010

Goodness I am ashamed of my lack of progress. I kept saying updates, updates, updates but then had no way to update! Kaleb, in all his glory, managed to smash the screen of my MIL's computer soon after my last post so my only way to post was a 40 minute drive to the shop. Not happening.

However, we are on the upswing and here is what has happened recently. Brace yourself, it is a TON of stuff:

We moved! I don't know the exact date but it was February (Thank you Lord). We are back on the side of town I grew up on and could not be happier. I just couldn't handle Hamilton and to everyone's surprise neither could Brian! Who would've thought the boy would hate where he spent most of his young adult life? Either way, I'm not complaining. We are within 2 miles of my parents, the shop, my Char & Cody, Dani, Olivia and my grandparents. AWESOME right? Yes. A $20.00 tank of gas can last me FOREVER and I am really appreciating that fact these days. We are back to apartment living and I am actually very happy with the transition. We took the first two weeks and did a gigantic overhaul on the place with new paint and all kinds of stuff to make it feel like home. And let me tell you it's nice to pick up the phone and say, "Hey! My stupid garbage disposal isn't working!" and come home to a brand new one. We have a sweet little courtyard outside that Kaleb and Brian spend a lot of time playing in and some really cool neighbor's who have buzzed me in a few times (whoops!). Vanessa even brings Kaleb home cookies when she gets her grandkid's. I can't wait to get back into a house. I can wait because right now I'm just happy where we are. Hallelujah.

I guess the other GIGANTIC update is that we are pregnant again. Surprise! Well it was a nice fun March surprise we got after a long night in the ER. Thank you Trisprintic for your epic FAIL that will be our daughter this July. On the plus side? I missed 5 months (yes-5 months!) of the pregnancy and we have a beautiful, healthy baby girl growing in my belly. Thank God I am not a smoker or drinker because she might have been in trouble. Not very many people find our they are pregnant, it's a girl and she's super healthy on an ultrasound that was searching for source of bleeding. Either way we couldn't be happier and excited and TERRIFIED! She's due July 25th (with a goal date of at least July 6th). I am praying she stays put for a long time, I really don't want her to have any breathing problems right away like her brother. (Her brother? Kaleb is a brother!) Crazy.

I am finally back to work! The shop will be open within the next 2 weeks. I watching them install the freezer now. How is that for awesome? They have 2-3 church daycares within 2 miles so we are reviewing our options now for Kaleb and baby girl. She will stick with me in the office for the first few weeks (since I'll be nursing exclusively up front) but I still need to be here for some things. I have a nice office so I don't have any worries about privacy. Our house is less than 30 seconds away so I can pop in and out as needed. How lucky am I for that gig?

I know everyone is probably dying to know all about Kaleb and his new milestones, habits and fun stuff but that is a post by itself so I will be sure to write that next.

And all of our plans for baby girl, her progress, our worries and concerns and all that fun stuff will be in a future post.

And this time I promise it will be updated soon.

Kaleb is 19 months, 2 weeks and 4 days old.
Baby Girl is 29 weeks, 4 days in the cooker.