9:30 AM

We are ALIVE! I promise.

Thursday May 13, 2010

Goodness I am ashamed of my lack of progress. I kept saying updates, updates, updates but then had no way to update! Kaleb, in all his glory, managed to smash the screen of my MIL's computer soon after my last post so my only way to post was a 40 minute drive to the shop. Not happening.

However, we are on the upswing and here is what has happened recently. Brace yourself, it is a TON of stuff:

We moved! I don't know the exact date but it was February (Thank you Lord). We are back on the side of town I grew up on and could not be happier. I just couldn't handle Hamilton and to everyone's surprise neither could Brian! Who would've thought the boy would hate where he spent most of his young adult life? Either way, I'm not complaining. We are within 2 miles of my parents, the shop, my Char & Cody, Dani, Olivia and my grandparents. AWESOME right? Yes. A $20.00 tank of gas can last me FOREVER and I am really appreciating that fact these days. We are back to apartment living and I am actually very happy with the transition. We took the first two weeks and did a gigantic overhaul on the place with new paint and all kinds of stuff to make it feel like home. And let me tell you it's nice to pick up the phone and say, "Hey! My stupid garbage disposal isn't working!" and come home to a brand new one. We have a sweet little courtyard outside that Kaleb and Brian spend a lot of time playing in and some really cool neighbor's who have buzzed me in a few times (whoops!). Vanessa even brings Kaleb home cookies when she gets her grandkid's. I can't wait to get back into a house. I can wait because right now I'm just happy where we are. Hallelujah.

I guess the other GIGANTIC update is that we are pregnant again. Surprise! Well it was a nice fun March surprise we got after a long night in the ER. Thank you Trisprintic for your epic FAIL that will be our daughter this July. On the plus side? I missed 5 months (yes-5 months!) of the pregnancy and we have a beautiful, healthy baby girl growing in my belly. Thank God I am not a smoker or drinker because she might have been in trouble. Not very many people find our they are pregnant, it's a girl and she's super healthy on an ultrasound that was searching for source of bleeding. Either way we couldn't be happier and excited and TERRIFIED! She's due July 25th (with a goal date of at least July 6th). I am praying she stays put for a long time, I really don't want her to have any breathing problems right away like her brother. (Her brother? Kaleb is a brother!) Crazy.

I am finally back to work! The shop will be open within the next 2 weeks. I watching them install the freezer now. How is that for awesome? They have 2-3 church daycares within 2 miles so we are reviewing our options now for Kaleb and baby girl. She will stick with me in the office for the first few weeks (since I'll be nursing exclusively up front) but I still need to be here for some things. I have a nice office so I don't have any worries about privacy. Our house is less than 30 seconds away so I can pop in and out as needed. How lucky am I for that gig?

I know everyone is probably dying to know all about Kaleb and his new milestones, habits and fun stuff but that is a post by itself so I will be sure to write that next.

And all of our plans for baby girl, her progress, our worries and concerns and all that fun stuff will be in a future post.

And this time I promise it will be updated soon.

Kaleb is 19 months, 2 weeks and 4 days old.
Baby Girl is 29 weeks, 4 days in the cooker.