12:20 PM

36 weeks 2 days

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

First things first, a very Happy 30th Birthday to the love of my life, father of my children and better half of me. I know how excited he is to turn 30 today but he got his wish (minus 19 days) of 2 kids before he hit middle-aged (something I swore would not happen), so Happy Birthday babe, this gigantic belly is your gift from me, enjoy.

So today is the most pregnant I have ever been. EVER. I feel like I've hit some secret milestone and everything I have known up until this point in pregnancy is moot now. My body never "prepared" itself for Kaleb's birth because he came too early (thank you pre-eclampsia) and now that I am thus-far not plagued with any such condition I feel... strange.

And suddenly in a panic. Her bed isn't set up yet, I have about a hundred loads of laundry to do, a few more things to pick up, a hospital bag to pack, a Kaleb bag to pack, a house to REALLY clean and a master bathroom that has been at a stall for about 2 weeks. Brian assures me by this weekend I will have no more worries and her bed, boxes of stuff and my house will be back together.

While I feel cautiously optimistic about this goal....I am a planner and organized and NOT a last-minute type of person.

However, I do feel really good about Kaleb and his ability to adapt to the change that is about to take place. He has grown so much and his intelligence is unreal to us sometimes. He asks for what he needs, tells us when he's gone to the potty, signals for 'nite-nite' when he gets tired. He can do all the stairs in our apartment on his own and get in/out of the Trailblazer for me. How awesome is this kid?

He came to visit us at work yesterday. His Mama Kim "Muck" gave him pop. 

He cruised around the kitchen with his pop in hand. Didn't spill a lick of that pop or chew on the cup!

He sat at Mommy's desk and did "work" as he calls it (actually just ate all my M&M's)

So Daddy took him home and gave him a big bowl of soup to try and prevent any future tummy aches from the sugar overload he got at work! He even eats with a big spoon like daddy!

I have an appointment with Doc again today since he'll be out for my normal Friday appointment. On the plus side Brian gets to come to this one. I'll post some updates tomorrow.

Kaleb is 21 months, 5 days.
Our little girl will arrive in 19 days.