10:30 AM

Day with Don

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

We are lucky enough in our daycare situation to leave Kaleb with people who really genuinely love and care for him during the day. He gets individual attention and fun activities throughout the week. Personally, I think his favorite day is the one he spends at my grandparents. The property they live on is only 3 miles from our house but it couldn't be any different! They have a ton of acreage that they have spent years taking care of- and the set up is beautiful. My mom grew up in this house, I grew up in this house and now my kids get to enjoy this house.

Once a week (sometimes twice) Kaleb spends the day with Don. Yes, he calls my grandpa "Don" although none of us kids could've gotten away with that! My grandma is there too but Kaleb and Don are best buddies and only spend nap time apart. My grandpa got a new digital camera and showed me what they do throughout the day so I thought I'd share. When we go for our c-section Kaleb is going to be lucky enough to spend all 4 days during our hospital stay with them. Lucky duck!

They get up early and refill the bird feeders and Kaleb's favorite: Feeding the squirrels! I love that it's really early in the morning. See the sun coming up over the hill?

They love the tractor. Kaleb calls it the "Bbbbbrrr Bbbbbbrrr!" When they aren't actually mowing, Grandpa pushes him around on it!

Dear Lord I love that face! Kaleb loves wearing Grandpa's hats and matching him.

After a long day playing in the yard, they need a ride in the wagon.

Those suckers got Grandma to do it!
(On a side note: See that wagon? It was bought at Sears in 1962- the year between my uncle and my mom's birth! My grandpa sure knows how to take care of his stuff!) It's so cool that my mom rode in that wagon, I rode in that wagon and now K is riding in that wagon!

This was the first time he really noticed his shadow. He would dance around and watch it! Love it!

They had to get in a round of golf :) Kaleb is such a good caddy. And yes, he has NO diaper on!

The infamous hill that we have all played on as kids. My grandma can look out her kitchen window and see this view. Kaleb still has no diaper on! My gran says, "Let him run with no pants on! We're in the country and he's little. He needs to air out!"

And my personal favorite.

 I snapped while he was showing me how quick he can get up the hill now. I think this one is gonna need a frame! I love the country look of the rock wall my grandpa build by hand in the 60's, the country hat and K's sweet little hiney!

Kaleb is 1 year, 8 months, 2 weeks & 1 day old.
Baby girl will be here in 40 days! Ahhhh!