11:27 AM

A Few Updates

Friday, June 11, 2010

Ah, Happy Friday. I had another appointment with my doctor this morning and things are rolling along just fine. I am still without any swelling besides one episode weeks ago. My rings are actually slipping around my fingers- is it possible to have reverse swelling? My FIL insists that pregnancy does my body good and is in SHOCK about how tiny I am everywhere but my belly. (I have to admit it's been years since I got a compliment like that!)

 I'm sure it has a ton to do with the nightly (yes, nightly) massage Brian gives me. Did I fail to mention he got a book from the library on pregnancy massage? Yes he did. Oh and the best part? It was without me prompting him! I almost want to keep her in a bit longer so we could continue this tradition. My blood pressure was an awesome 123/75 and got tons of compliments. After my appointment in 2 weeks- I am officially on the 1 week schedule.

I got my list of address for our co-ed sprinkle together finally. I had an invitation sitting on my desk this morning and they are beyond adorable. Check it out: (I retyped the extra sweet wording below incase you can't read it!)

Ericka and Brian are having   
Another bundle of joy
Unlike BIG brother Kaleb,
This one is not a boy
We're having them a Sprinkle to
Show them how much we care
No big items are needed as
BIG brother Kaleb is willing to share
As baby girl's big day draws near

Please Come Join Us
For a barbeque to spread the cheer

We are extra excited about the party. Brian is especially excited since he gets to be involved in this one. The shower actually falls between my 25th and Brian's 30th birthday so in true parenting fashion, we have a party for our child!

Speaking of our babies, I emailed a nurse (Pam) we keep in touch with from Kaleb's NICU stay. Here is a picture of them before we left the hosptial:

She was truly amazing and took extra special care of our little guy. Before we left she gave us her email and asked us to please keep her updated! We send pictures about every 6 months and when I emailed her the other day I was happy to report the news about our baby girl. Here is the amazing response I got:

"....It was so nice to hear from you. I am still working @ Christ hospital along with most all of the same RN's. It is a great job to have. I have not and will not ever forget Kaleb and his mommy and daddy. I am so happy that family life is going so well. Although I always had faith that Kaleb would grow up strong and happy. I will be working on July 19. Please have the labor and delivery RN call over to special care so I can see you. July 25th would have been a better day to have your little girl---we then could have shared the same birthday!!! Again, thanks for the update and look forward to seeing you.(Just not in the NICU this time OK)..."

I am so excited that Kaleb will get to see Pam and the other ladies again. I'm extra happy they will get to meet our little girl. I think the Party Platter is going to have to drop off some trays for the wonderful hospital staff that delivered our son {And our daughter in just a few weeks}. It really puts me at ease knowing what to expect when I enter the hosptial. I worked at Christ the ENTIRE time I was in college, we've kept in touch with the NICU nurses, Dr.Grim is the best (and the only one in his practice) so I know who will be taking care of me during the c-section.

It feels so good to have things coming together. I'm sure we'll hit a few bumps between now and then but we have faith.

And life is good.

Kaleb is 20 months, 2 weeks & 3 day old.
I am almost 34 weeks pregnant with just 38 days until we meet our baby girl!