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Kaleb vs His Sister

Friday, June 25, 2010

Since this week has been all Kaleb I thought I'd drop a few more details about our sweet baby girl. I went to the doctor this morning and my BP was 119/69. Dang, that feels good. I am still hovering around a 12 pound gain for her which they don't seem to be worried about. I only gained 17 with Kaleb so I guess we're right on track with weight. I am so very thankful that is one thing I don't have to worry about with my pregnancies. And I am alllll baby. This was taken just a few minutes ago:

And if you weren't convinced by that picture. Here is one of JUST baby girl at 35 weeks, 5 days:

I know she has dropped because I can breathe again. Dr.Grim said she is head down and in position too. However, she looks so high in my belly compared to Kaleb.

Please forgive this stupid pose of B & I but it's the closet I could find to how far along I am with her. In this picture I was EXACTLY 36 weeks with Kaleb and about to be induced. My belly looks way more like a basketball and a lot less like a football {as baby girl makes it look}.

Oh and another thing my sweet little angel does NOT give Mommy in the heat: SWELLING!

My cute feet this morning with baby girl... :) and her monster of a brother that did this to me:

Our sprinkle is this Sunday and I am BEYOND excited. I even told Dr.Grim about it this morning and if you know me, I am so not a talker. Char is the ultimate party planner so I am so happy to see everything. She's kept me up to speed on the cake and food and other yummies. I am so looking forward to this weekend and then we are in panic mode.

I am having some on and off contractions which are really crazy. I never had those with Kaleb. I never dilated past a finger tip and the only contractions I had with Kaleb I saw on the monitor but couldn't really feel. When I was leaving the office this morning Dr. Grim said, "Hey make sure you give me a call if your water breaks or your contractions become regular!" I really just wanted to turn around and say, "DUH!"

Last night Brian and I we're talking about imagining what she looks like: her face, her complexion, her hair and her smell. We both agree, we just cannot do it. I can't see her face. Because how can Brian plus Ericka not equal this:

I guess we'll just have to wait and see!

Kaleb is exactly 21 months old today.
25 days until we meet our new addition!