1:54 PM

Oh Gross!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Bath time in our house is pretty fun. First, I take down the hose and scrub Kaleb from head to toe. Then I let the water fill up about half way and settle in with some reading material for about a half hour. Kaleb just loves the tub so much that making him get out right after I wash him is pure torture. I cannot stand to watch him swim around in dirty water, thus we wash first.

When I settle in with my reading material I usually sit in the open doorway on the floor. I used to sit next to the tub or on the toilet seat and my little water demon always ended up soaking me and the book I was reading. Last night after about 10 minutes Kaleb leans over the edge of the tub and just stares at me.

Me: What are you doing buddy?

K: Pooping.
(Normally I'd jump up and check but he says he pooping a lot and most of the time he doesn't)

Me: Oh you're pooping? In the water?

K: Yes mama. Pooping. Waaaater.

(I go ahead and get up to check for poop in the tub and at 81/2 months pregnant it's a lot easier said than done and there is NO poop)

Me: There's no poop in there silly boy! You didn't go poop, see?

He goes back to swimming and I settle back in to my book. A few minutes later I hear:

K: Mama here. (He's holding a fist up for me)

Me: What is that?! (I become more hysterical as I can see what exactly he is holding) What is that!?

K: Poop mom!

Sure enough. He pooped in the water and was handing me his, um, end result. Dear Lord help me. Little boys are so gross! I manage to clean up the mess and rewash him from head-to-toe screetching the entire time while Brian giggles from the living room.

Why does this stuff always happen on MY night to do baths. Yuck!

Kaleb is old enough to poop in the bath and know what it's called.
Baby girl is just 42 days from her arrival!