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Shriner's Hospital

Thursday, June 3, 2010

For most of Kaleb's life (all 20 months of it) we have been looking into specialists, physical & occupational therapy, early intervention, hand foundations, prosthetics, hospitals and just about anything and everything medical that could help him now or in the future. I have applied for PT & OT through our state's Early Intervention program TWICE and have been turned down because he is "not delayed" in any area when it comes to physical milestones. After appealing and speaking to a caseworker I was insisting that Early Intervention should be available to PREVENT delay also. I mean, I thought that was the whole point of Early Intervention! She, off the record, told us that based on the poor administration of Early Intervention resources and caseload size she cannot even appropriately serve her children who are actually behind, let alone a child exceeding the milestones set for a normal child.

Ok...so we saw good news and bad news in those denials. Good news? Our child doesn't need the PT & OT because he is doing everything just fine. Bad news? We want him to STAY ahead and we thought getting him into a program with a little bit of PT here and there would help KEEP him ahead. We decided to start the process of getting a referral from Kaleb's primary care physican and just doing PT through our insurance. Kaleb's doctor didn't think he needed it either but he wasn't an "expert" so he referred us to another set of primary care physicians that work in Cincinnati Children's so we started the process to get into his new doc's. Bad news again? Yeah. First new patient appointment was the last week of September 2010. The scheduler assured me that getting a sick appointment isn't like that and they have same-day appointment available the morning I call. However, they are very thourough during the first visit so they only do so many a week. I made the switch and we were just playing a waiting game. (On a very positive note because K is now a registered patient baby girl gets automatic acceptance and she'll get to be seen right after she's born. Already helping out his little sister! I love that!)

My grandpa has been a Free Mason for over 40 years. It was so neat to see the ring and know he was a member of this 'secret club' growing up. Because he owned and operated a wildly successful business (Relo Sporting Goods) they were able to do a ton of fundraising with the Mason's. I always remember the proceeds going to Shriner's Hospital or Hospice. I had no clue until about a week ago that a Shriner is a very high Mason- generally one that dedicates his life to the society.

My grandpa (now retired) still does some side work including cracking safes and fixing firearms (among other sport related things). He headed down to a local Mason's house to fix some things for him and just happened to show one of the Bengal picture's of Kaleb he carries around in his wallet to Bob. I am told the conversation went like this:

Grandpa: This is my only great-grand son Kaleb. He is going to be a Rookie on the Bengal's rooster this year. They already took his picture. Look! (Hahaha he tells this story to EVERYONE including strangers)

Bob: What happened to his hand? (I can appreciate someone who doesn't ignore things and just asks when they have questions)

Grandpa: He was born like that, just one of God's amazing little guys.

Bob: Are his parents doing anything for him?

Grandpa: Yes but I can't tell you exactly what because I can't keep all the details straight (Bless Him :) He tries)

Bob: Ok. Well... hold on.

Bob gives my grandpa his Shriner's card and a DVD. He told him to take this information and give it to us and if we like what we see in the DVD to call that number and tell them who referred us and Kaleb will be a patient for life, FREE of charge. When my grandma told me the story, I cried.

I called the number first thing Tuesday morning and Kaleb is now a lifetime patient. Shriner's is SUCH an amazing organization. They never once even asked for our insurance. It is so unbelievable that an organization as big as this one exists and it's all FREE of charge. How amazing. God sure does work in mysterious ways.

The patient advocate I spoke to told me the closest orthopaedic Shriner's is in good ol' Lexington, Kentucky. Not too far from us in Cincinnati and it is the biggest and best for what they do. Hallelujah. She told me that I'd be getting a call from the office that does the 'Limb Clinic'. They do a full work up that day including x-ray's, evaluation, prognosis- basically The Works. She also told me that our appointment would be a Friday morning and that we want to take the time they give us because they schedule all the hand patients in the morning and leg's in the afternoon. They do this so Kaleb can interact during the waiting period with other children like him and they parents can talk, exchange information and get to know each other. What an opportunity. I am overwhelmingly excited and CANNOT wait for that call.

We plan on staying in a hotel the night before so that we can grab some breakfast and then head over to the hospital. Since Lexington was a favorite mini-vacation spot for my family growing up I am actually very familiar with the area. Brian has been quite a few times too so we are both excited to make the trips tons of fun for Kaleb and {baby girl} one day. What a blessing!

I am so overwhelmingly thankful for this opportunity for Kaleb, whether or not he chooses to use a prosthetic. I'm just glad he gets the CHOICE.

Thank you Grandpa. Thank you Mason's. Thank you Bob. Thank you Shriner's.

Most of all, Thank you God.

"For with God nothing shall be impossible" Luke 1:37


We just got the call from Shriner's! Our appointment is Friday June 18th at 9 am. {Thanks to Char, we will not only be able to make our trip but head down the night before! I'm so happy I was chatting with her when the call came in- She's a lifesaver! Love you girl!}