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Shriners: Part I

Monday, June 21, 2010

I am happy to report we made it to Lexington and back in one piece! The trip was amazing, from start to finish, and I am just sad that it couldn't last longer. However, we had a very busy weekend with Father's Day and my big 2-5 to celebrate so we'll have to plan another trip soon.

Brian and I left work after the lunch rush at exactly 2 pm on Thursday. {I am a schedule nut so I had our entire course planned and for the first time in our relationship Brian actually appreciated everything!} We picked up our Boogie, stopped for some last minute supplies at Walmart and we we're on I-75S by 2:25 pm.

He had his Tigger glasses ready for the ride down!

But I think Mommy's were more comfortable. He has a gigantic head like Brian and I :)

We borrowed Brian's parents Taurus so that my car's air conditioning could get fixed plus it's much better gas mileage. However, no DVD player and a 2 hour drive left Kaleb extra crabby. We had to stop for me to go to the bathroom {shocker! I know!} and then I had to ride the next hour in the back seat with Kaleb singing the Tigger & Pooh theme song over and over and over...

I was very thankful to get my Trailblazer back with AC and our built-in DVD player {Which I will never take for granted again!}

We had the most amazing hotel which was shaped like a big square with only 2 floors. Our particular room had this awesome sliding glass door that opened up to the outdoor pool. We wasted NO time getting our bug into the water!

I don't think they would've figured out the floaties if I wasn't there with them :)

Oh, how he loved the water. Don't let that tight seal on his mouth fool you. He loved drinking it too!

We had the entire indoor area to ourselves so we let K jump off the edge over and over.
Of course, he had to show us how he goes under water :)

These two :) Oh how I love them.

He has to have everything to match his Daddy. He walked for a long time like this!

Around 7 {baby girl} was telling me it had been entirely too long since our last meal so I got the boys out of the pool and we got ready to head out to dinner. We had an awesome restaurant in our hotel with reasonable pricing but the hotel clerk gave us a 20% off coupon for a local steakhouse so we headed down and it was sooooo good!

The restaurant sat us in what used to be the smoking section, wayyyyy in the back. The best part? It was booths and booths of kids in booster seats or hi-chairs. Can you guess what kept Kaleb entertained most of the time? The kids!

We could barely get his attention for a picture.

When I did get a picture I got this and I'm sure he was thinking, "Mom you are SO annoying!"

I love pickles without being pregnant. Being pregnant makes it worse. Even the boys loved munching on these!

And our sign that dinner was over and it was time to head back to the hotel!

After filling up Kaleb was in a surprisingly good mood and spent some time exploring when we got back to the hotel. {I cannot leave these pictures out- he enjoyed this too much!}

He was obsessed with this thing!

He kept screaming at it, "EASY! EASY!" when it would really get going.
{I think this is a sign we use this phrase in our house too much!}

The kid is in love with rocks. This was right outside our hotel room.

And in his pocket they go ...
{Thank you Brian for teaching him this weeks ago- I love finding them during laundry day!}

Whoops! Down he went :) He does have a bit of mommy's sense of balance!

Yes, his daddy let him bring those rocks into the bed to play with them
{and in exchange Mommy got a whole queen bed all to herself!}

They had a blast with those silly rocks!

He managed to stay awake for a little while and watch the Laker's win the NBA championship.
{I know you cannot tell but he was very excited!}

And he's out .....

Around 6 in the morning I hear, "Mama!" I sit up to see him standing in bed with his dad {who is snoring away}. "Nite nite Peeeeease!" he says to me. I grab him and tuck him in bed with me and he goes right back to sleep! Brian said that he was under him the whole night, rolling around like a gigantic dog in the bed. I guess Kaleb is used to having his full bed all to himself at night.

Part II will actually document our trip to the hospital. We just had too much to share!

Kaleb is 90 weeks old.
Baby girl is 28 days from arriving!