11:17 AM

Thanking God

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Firstly, I want to thank God for working for us and through us, even when we don't realize it. Last winter, Brian got up to go to the bathroom around 2 in the morning. I heard this gigantic boom that woke up me, Kaleb and Brian's mom upstairs. My first thought was someone was trying to get into the house, I had no clue where Brian was so I put the baby back to sleep and ran upstairs to check on my MIL. We searched the whole house when Brian came walking up the stairs really slow, looking disoriented. The back of his head was swollen and bleeding from a few large cuts. As he was standing to go to the bathroom he became dizzy, passed out and the force of a man who is 6'2 (225 pounds) broke the bathroom door, with his head.

We cleaned him up that night and the next day attempted to make him appointment with our doctor to get it checked out. His stubbornness paid off and we never got around to scheduling him an appointment. Fast forward 6 months and he is having really bad headaches, his head is shaking (violently at times) and he is throwing up more than me. I scheduled him an appointment with his primary care doc but it's been years since he's seen them so he had to wait 2 weeks. Yesterday, he was having pretty bad neck pain after getting sick all night so he headed out to the ER. Thank God he did.

The head injury we never got checked out a few months ago caused some very serious swelling in the back of his head and base of his neck. The MRI images were scary! The doctor was actually surprised that he walked around and worked for as long as he did with this severe of a concussion. Thank God we got him checked, on the proper medication to reduce the swelling and he goes back to the specialist Monday. The doctor was really worried about the pressure in his brain and said that any recent mood swings or behavioral changes could be attributed to the swelling. Wow. I am thanking God every single second of today.

Thankfully, Brian got the all clear to head to Lexington still (as long as I promised to monitor him) and I will be doing the driving. This time tomorrow we'll be headed on our mini-vacation and we are so very excited! The hotel is beautiful with an indoor and outdoor pool, restaurant and even horses. Kaleb is going to have a blast.

This is also my birthday weekend. I turn the big 2-5 on Sunday (which is also Father's Day!)

Kaleb is 20 months, 3 weeks and 1 day old.
Baby girl will be here 33 days.