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Monday, July 26, 2010

It's been one week with our beautiful baby girl. One week. Wow.

The time has flown by and each day I learn more about our little princess and her personality. She fits in so well with our family that I often look at Brian and ask, "You feel complete right? Like you're whole all of a sudden?" It's like a small piece of our perfect  puzzle was missing and now she's here. The feeling is so overwhelming, not understanding HOW your world will be rocked, from the first time you hear that cry. 8:19 am, one week ago, everything changed.

I am so in love.

We are so in love.

I am working on her birth story right now but besides a few pre-birth issues with me everything has been seemless. After everything with Kaleb's tough birth and NICU stay it is shockingly quiet with Kamryn. Yes, it looks like she's going to be Kamryn. Kaleb walks around calling her, Tammy, which is supposed to be Kammy. And thus, she is our Kamryn. Although, we have called her by both names because they all called her Olivia in the hospital. And big Olivia just refuses to call her anything but Olivia. We have quite a few months before she will recognize her name so we'll keep playing with it and see what happens. For now, I have a Kaleb & Kamryn. And I love it.

I got to nurse before she was an hour old. I was in Heaven, as you can see.

Kamryn is the BIGGEST sleeper I have ever met. Seriously. The only problem I have had with breast feeding is that I cannot keep her awake! The lactation consultant even had to come in and teach Brian ways to keep her awake and eating. I pump after each nurse to try and stimulate my supply and keep it up (because of the breast reduction). Again, everyone was genuinely surprised at how much I am able to pump with her, so far. With Kaleb he outgrew my supply at 8 weeks and then we did half for a while but I never got to nurse him. It was all pumping. Oh, what a difference it makes.

I'm not going to lie. It's hard. My breast hurt a bit but it's nothing like most women complain of, so I do feel lucky in that aspect. I hate not knowing if she is getting enough to meet her needs. I hate that having the reduction means my supply won't be normal. I pump and Brian bottle feeds her 3-4 times a day too because I want to know she's getting a good amount. Thankfully she does good on both breast and bottle. She even sucks on her pacifier like a pro.

This morning we had her 1 week appointment and she's down exactly 1 pound from her birth weight. Her doctor wasn't really concerned but told me she wanted her up and nursing every 2 hours. Right now she's every 3-4 hours. It's been 6 hours since we left the office and I still cannot get her to eat that often. From the bottle or the breast. She is pretty sleepy still and only has about 1 wakeful period per day. I am really committed to breast feeding her so the pediatrician's office has a RN who is also a certified lactation consultant. We're going back on Wednesday so just Kamryn and I can meet with her and learn some new techniques and get some help with her feeding schedules. I mean, who complains that their baby sleeps too much! What a strange problem.

Kaleb has taken to his sister so well. He loves on her and plays with her toes. I don't think he really understands what a baby is and how they communicate. He sat over her the other day saying, "Hi. Hi. Hey. HEY. HEY! Tttttammmmy!" and after she just stared at him he started yelling at me, "Mama Tammy talk!!" He also likes to swipe her bottles and get in a few drinks, lay in her carseat and lay under her play mat. Most of the time, he just ignores her. I guess she's just not that interesting!

I'm working on a birth story now. And lots of pics. And lots of stories. But for now it's back to my beautiful babies!
Kaleb is almost 2, I think. The days run together right now.
Kamryn is 1 week old.

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The Name Game: Part II {Baby Girl!}

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What's in a name? I'm sure for each family it is very different. For Brian and I, it's pretty straight forward. We are very family-oriented, traditional, religious.... but modern. Now that you are confused, let's start with her first name:


Obviously, this is my sister's name. Our daughter is named after my sister. Brian's idea, no joke. Olivia has always been our "first born" so to speak. When B and I started dating she was just 16 years old and has grown up with our relationship. She moved into our first condo at 18 when she was commuting back and forth to Wright State and it all started there... movie nights, break ups, getting ready for big parties, staying in, broken hearts, illness... We did it all together. Brian and I cleaned her room, helped her with homework, did piles of laundry she'd bring home and grocery shopped for her favorite foods. I have to say that is one of the things that made me fall in love with B even more. The way he took care of 'us' like we were two halves of the same whole. He got our bond, he got that no one came before her, he got that he was supposed to protect her too. He did a great job then and he still does now.

Growing up, my parents divorced when I was really young. It made Olivia even younger. Those first few years of every-other weekend, divorce drama, separate lives, separate families created this bond between us. We NEVER slept in separate rooms or even separate beds until I left for college. We always had our own room and after mom would tuck us in and the coast was clear we'd knock on the wall and she'd sneak in to my room. Every. single. night. We asked to share a room for years and my mom always said, "No as soon as I do you'll want them back to being separate." We never did. When she would come home to the condo I slept in her bed sometimes and she kicked B out of our bed sometimes. Now she just likes to sleep with Kaleb.

Besides the fact that Olivia is my sister the name is also biblical. No, the name isn't a character in the Bible but...

 its meaning is "olive tree." Yes, Olivia, while not in the bible is a biblical name having the meaning derived from the Bible. The olive tree is a symbol of fruitfulness, beauty, and dignity in the scripture. There is also that important story about Noah's Arc. The dove that bring's Noah the branch signaling the end of the flood? A branch from an Olive Tree. This was another reason the name Olivia sealed the deal.

And finally, while I do not practice with my degree I spent countless hours in college minoring in English Literature. I loved studying English but facing-facts that the job market just wasn't open to an "English Lit" degree I chose it as a minor. 

 Being that I spent countless hours studying (and actually enjoying) Shakespeare it would be fitting that he is actually the first person to actually use the name Olivia in his play "Twelfth Night" from 1599. I love that little fact about her name.

So let's review:

Olivia is my sister.
 The name is biblical.
It was created by one of my all-time favorite writers.

Okay... so having a baby O and a big O could possibly get confusing. Except for the fact that since 1999, I haven't called my sister Olivia for any reason. It's always been "O" and that caught on at school and they started calling her that... it just stuck. Their will be no variations on the name... no Liv, Livy, Libby. Yuck. Just Olivia or "baby O" as Kaleb likes to say.


This name started out as our first name, Kamryn Olivia, which is beautiful. However their is NOTHING about this name that is special to us. We just like it. We always have. The "K" in Kamryn is obviously a nod to her brother "K"aleb (which originally came from my mom, Kim). Once we looked up the name and found out the meaning was, "crooked nose" it sealed its fate as a middle name. 

The name stuck from the time we found out we were having a girl as Kamryn Olivia until Brian sat up one night and said, "We have to change it." Looking back at all the thought and time that went into Kaleb's name (you can read about it here ) it just made sense that although we loved to have a {Kaleb & Kamryn} we just wanted her name to really MEAN something to us. And switching it to {Olivia Kamryn} does that for us.

Now what will we call her? 

Kaleb has already started calling her, Kammy, and that is perfect for both Brian & I. When I think of a Kammy I picture this perfect little girl with blonde hair, chubby cheeks and blue eyes just like her brother.

 Since I am actually writing this on July 2, 2010 I cannot tell you what she looks like or what we've started calling her so I'll update you when I get back to blogging soon. But I'm pretty sure what Kaleb decides will go... and how cool is that? {She can thank us later that we ruled out Bob as a name suggestion, thank you Kaleb}

Kaleb is just 5 days shy of 22 months old.
Kamryn is 1 day old. {You have no idea how strange it is to write that while she squirms in my belly!}

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She's Here!

Olivia Kamryn Peters

July 19, 2010

7 pounds,13 ounces

20 inches

She's perfect and healthy. Mom & baby are doing great :)

9:43 AM

Mother of 1: Checking Out

Friday, July 16, 2010

This is my last post with one outside baby and one inside baby. Oh. My. Gosh.

My doc appointment this morning went great. The scale in the doctor's office is digital and I can only really see it if I lean over and check over Jami's shoulder. When Jami was putting all my stats in the computer this morning I asked her, "Give it to me straight, what have I gained this pregnancy?" I'm pretty sure I almost fell off my chair when she said,

"1 pound."

I immediately started arguing because I saw the scale once and after I calculated it was closer to 11 or 12. She checked each weigh-in and said, "Nope, you must've read it wrong. Just 1 pound. Oh and your BP is great too!"  120/70 to be exact. I cannot believe when I leave the hospital next week I will have LOST weight. I will lose all my pregnancy weight PLUS some. Can someone please pinch me? I have been touched by the pregnancy fairy with this baby.

I got my order's for the hospital too. We have to be there at 5:30 am, no breakfast. Surgery is schedule to start around 7:30 so she'll make her debut early. Kaleb was born at 8:31 am so she won't be too far off. I'm scared but I'm excited.

I ran and ran and ran yesterday in the stifling 94 degree heat and got every single thing we might need for Kaleb and this new baby. And the stuff I might need post delivery, yuck. And I have to share this deal with everyone I got yesterday at Target.

I was looking for a basic baby girl bedding, nothing fancy. Kaleb NEVER used his $200+ dollar bedding and I'm just not going to drop that kind of money again. Char & Jess both tipped me off that Target has the mix & match bedding so I thought I'd try my luck. If not, she was going to be snoozing on Kaleb's zoo animals for the first few months.

I really liked this Tulip bedding and I was able to find ONE last bedding set on sale for $44.99. That was already a steal, since it was originally $74.99. I opened the whole package and noticed the crib sheet was missing. Thankfully, they had the exact one for sale individually so I got a manager to throw in the sheet and take another 10% off the bedding set. I got the entire thing for close to $40.00 dollars. And it looks so awesome against the cherry wood of her crib.

I cannot believe I have this weekend and I will be a mother of 2. A SON and A DAUGHTER.

I am so overwhelmingly blessed. And I cannot wait to meet my sweet little girl. 

Aunt Char is going to be guest blogging with all her stats so look for an update on Monday.

Kaleb is 1 year, 9 months & 3 weeks old. And he's about to be the BEST big brother ever.
Our baby girl will be here in 3 days. 

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No News

Thursday, July 15, 2010

No new news on the baby front. Still holding steady, counting down the days, 4 to be exact. I'm crampy and uncomfortable but SHOCKINGLY no swelling still. My rings are currently rolling around my fingers right now and I know when I try and wear them into the c-section I'll get busted and have to give them to Olivia to wear around. Thank you little girl. Thank you. Mama appreciates the ZERO water weight.

The crib is up. Her clothes are washed. The fridge, freezer and pantry is stocked. However, I have a 2 page list with 4+ stops on it and I have to get it done with NO help from Brian until Saturday after 3 pm because of work. Dang work! Doesn't it know I'm going to have a baby?!

I am very pleased with everything I have together already for Kaleb. It's honestly the HARDEST part of this entire thing. I hate having to leave him overnight, for more than one night. We haven't ever done that! I already have his Medical Consent to Treat during the week we'll be in the hospital, notarized, just in case of an emergency. Sure, I know they will treat him in very urgent situations. However, I remember getting stitches a few times and having to wait for my mom to come to the hospital because they wouldn't let my Step-Dad sign. Brian can make it back to where Kaleb is in less than 30 minutes but if he's in pain that 2 page paper gives a history and a notarized consent to treat. Score for the prepared Mom team!

I also attached a list of the medications he's allergic to, the proper dosages for his weight with Tylenol & Benadryl, important information about his medical history and his insurance card. Oh and did I mention the GIGANTIC list of numbers I printed from my cell phone all the way down to my in-law's, Christ hospital and poison control. Okay, score one for the OVER prepared Mom team!

Hey, better to be over-prepared than under prepared right? And with a c-section that is 4 long nights without my boy. Although, he will be down to visit us a few times so it's not like I won't get to see him. Can you see me talking myself up here?! Reassuring myself he'll be okay? He won't REALLY miss his Mom?

Cause I'll miss him. And my hormones are out of control.

I cried the other night, really hard. When Kaleb asks for a Popsicle it comes out, "Super Mom! Peaaaaase!" I burst into tears imagining him screaming at my grandma, Super! Super! Super! and no one being able to understand his wording for Popsicle.

Yeah, it's time for this baby to come out and my emotions to go back to normal.

Kaleb is going to be just fine without his parents because he's almost 2.
His sister will be here in 4 days!

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Christmas In July

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Yeah, that's right. My kid looks like Ralphie.

And I love it!

We have always said that he had a striking resemblance to the boy from A Christmas Story. Each year when we put up our decorations we watch that movie & the original Grinch (No, Jim Carrey versions Brian! The original is ALWAYS the best.) We said it last year and then last night when he put on his new "fake" glasses we laughed so hard we couldn't see straight!

Brian is currently teaching him to say, "You'll shoot your eye out!" 

I think we just might have to do our Christmas card with this theme this year. Ah, my sweet Ralphie.

I mean, Kaleb. 

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The Joy's of Summer

Monday, July 12, 2010

One week from today we will be holding our baby girl. That is completely unreal to me. I don't feel that pregnant. Maybe because I found out so late? I am uncomfortable and move extra slow but nothing that is screaming, "Get this baby out!"

Brian had to work the ENTIRE weekend until 9 p.m. which was really hard on me. I really missed his help and really got a good understanding of how much he really does when he gets off work. Thankfully, my mom was able to come over and take us to the grocery store Saturday and I took FULL advantage of the help. We had 2 carts full of food and next weekend I should only have to run out for milk and some drinks. That was a big help to get the grocery off my list!

On Sunday, I was hanging Kaleb's comforter on our porch to dry in the sun when I saw (what looked like) a honey bee land on his middle finger. I knew that if I provoked it there was a good chance it would sting him or me. Obviously, I'd rather it be me but being allergic to bee's and being really pregnant is not a good option either. Thankfully, it flew away immediately but Kaleb's face when he turned around was horrible! I knew right away he had been stung, even before the screaming started.

I picked him up and ran into the house (nothing like a bee to get a pregnant lady really moving) the whole time he's screaming, "Mom! Mom! Owwwwwwwwwwww!" and holding his chubby finger in my face. He had 2 stinger marks and now I realize it wasn't a bee!

Yellow Jackets look like Honey Bee's with no fuzz, sting repeatedly and don't need to be provoked. I never thought I'd wish it was a bee:

 I let him play in the kitchen sink, the whole time the cold water rushing over his finger is helping the pain, but when he pulls his hand out of the water he keeps saying, "Owww Mama.... owwwwww!" I get on the phone with my mom and tell her to get to a pharmacy NOW because the Benadryl I had here I chucked when that recall came out a few months ago.

Thankfully, she got to the drug store and had to get the 4+ years old Benadryl because they had pulled everything else. Thank goodness my kid weighs a staggering 37 pounds because the pharmacist okay'd an entire teaspoon which took the swelling down immediately (after letting him play some fun games with a few ice cubes).

I let him stay away until Brian got home from work because my energy was zapped. Brian was surprised he was up but was very happy about it! They ate a big bowl of ice cream before he put him to bed.

Thank goodness Kaleb is not allergic because this was our test! He's gets more like Brian everyday. I have high hopes my fair-haired child will be an outdoors-man like his dad and not have to worry about sun-burns, bee stings and snakes like his Mom.

1 week until little Miss makes her debut. 7 days.
Kaleb is 22 months, really tough & NOT allergic to stings. Thank you Lord!

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Overcoming Our Past

Friday, July 9, 2010

This morning's visit went well again. My blood pressure was outstanding, still no swelling, minimal weight gain and no protein! Woo hoo! She has slowed down considerably so Doc did a NST (non-stress test) which went awesome after Dr.Grim got me some orange juice to get her going. All healthy and measuring right on track!

This pregnancy has flown by so quickly. My "worry" ticker has been set on low and I have just enjoyed each moment watching Kaleb grow and develop during the past few months. I haven't been stressed about anything and this pregnancy has actually been (dare I say) easy?

The past two weeks as I drift off to sleep each night I have tried to "prepare" myself for the birth of our daughter. I went in to my birth with Kaleb with no standards, just hopes, of a health baby, good APGAR, minimal tearing, quick recovery, good latch on for breast feeding....

I never in a million years would've predicted what happened that day.

And I'm scared now. Really scared. I like my life. I love my son. I love Brian. I remember looking back at the Eviction Post each time I went to write Kaleb's birth story and felt angry. I just wanted to delete it and my blog and each memory of happiness during my pregnancy that led me to believe we'd have this awesome birth experience and come home a few days later with this healthy bouncing boy.

God has such healing powers. I spent minimal time being angry or upset and moved on so quickly to understanding and acceptance. We really felt (and still do) that we were chosen by the Lord to have Kaleb, in all his glory, with just one hand. God has amazing, phenomenal, outstanding things in the works for our boy. We believe that with every single inch of our being.

When I was about 6 months pregnant with our daughter we met with a genetic counselor. After speaking with her, she informed us that we had the same chance of any other "normal" couple sitting in the waiting room of our daughter having something wrong. I felt safe and secure and confident in the Lord's plans for her life and no matter what, she was ours and made in His likeness and we loved her already. We counted her fingers and toes on the ultrasound and made silly jokes about how "uncool" she was going to be next to her extraordinary brother.

And now that's all I can think about. It's everything that occupies my mind right now. Healthy baby, healthy baby, healthy baby.... no more surprises, no more surprises, no more surprises... Please. Begging. Pleading. Praying myself to tears at God for just a normal delivery for us. Please.

I was so upset a few nights ago that I sat down to my computer and reached out to Emily, a mom I met on Superhands. Her older son, Noah, was born like our Kaleb. And about a year ago she had Luke, his perfectly healthy baby brother. She was so quick to write me back and calm my fears. She, also like us, had a quick, unplanned c-section with Noah and found out about his hand on the table. Luke came via-scheduled c-section, healthy and happy. However, her feelings we're so parallel to mine those last few days that she gave me some scripture that really helped her ...

First, one so basic I could've quoted it to you from my sleep. "For I know the plans I have for you say the Lord. They are plans for good and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope."

So simple. So powerful. God knows exactly what he is doing and His plan's for our this family are "good" and will give us "a future" and "hope."

Second one is from Psalm 139 "For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well".

I know I have heard this scripture many times and if the first one was too broad this one sure narrows it down! God put this little girl together just the way He wanted her to be... in His likeness... in His image. It makes me feel better... and at ease about the entire process. In order to keep those feelings and stay in my stress-free zone Brian and I created this picture to take into the operating room:

It's already printed and waiting in our hospital stuff. I know all the things that we went through with Kaleb's birth we're horrible... and scary.... but looking at that picture of our sweet little guy now makes every terrifying second worth it and keeps us going.

My support system will waiting the morning of the 19th, come what may, good or bad. My mom and sister. Char and Cody. My brother-in-law is coming down early to pray over us with my SIL, Jennifer. My sweet mother-in-law and father-in-law. Pam (a few of the other NICU nurses from Kaleb's birth) although I'm sure they could just come into the OR if they wanted :)

And of course, God will be with us the whole time. Say some extra prayers for our awesome little girl.

10 days until we meet her.
10 days and we become a family of 4.

10:50 AM

Random Acts of Kindness

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I love waking up in the morning and stepping outside and having a hard time breathing. This type of weather is almost too hot to even be outside during the mid-day hours. I feel so sorry for Kaleb during days like these, being couped up in the cool air conditioning set on 68 degrees, eating popsicles and watching movies with his dad. Oh wait, I don't feel sorry for either of them! Brian has to go back to work tomorrow but those boys have been having themselves a great time the past few days.

Last night at about 10:30 after moving from the bed to the couch to the recliner to the glider I just started crying.

"Are you alright!?" Brian jumps up from the couch.
"Are you alllllllllllllllright!?" Kaleb jumps up from the floor.

I started laughing hysterically because Kaleb is just too darn cute and he is mimicking the concern on his Dad's face. I just CANNOT get comfortable. I was sweating, she was moving around like she was auditioning for Cirque Du Soleil and I was trying to limit my fluid intake so I could get a good night's sleep so I was parched.

Brian and Kaleb set off to work (yes I put my 1 year old to work at 10:30 pm!) and they came back with the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. A gigantic glass of freezing cold water, the fan from Kaleb's room, my feather pillow and the foot rest from the glider. And how can I forget the lavender lotion?

They put the pillow behind my head, gave me that big ol' glass of water, propped my feet up and Brian told Kaleb... "Okay we talked about this, Mommy isn't feeling good. She needs snuggles." Ever so gentle Kaleb climbs onto the couch and lays his head on my shoulder, wraps his arms around my belly and says, "Snuggles Mom. Ahhhhhhhhhhh, snuggles." As if that wasn't enough to make me feel better Brian gets on the floor and gives me the most amazing prenatal massage I have EVER gotten in my life. Kaleb even rubbed some of the aromatherapy lotion on my legs. By the time the news was coming on I couldn't keep my eyes open and told the boys I was going to bed since I was really relaxed.

I kissed Brian and told him to get booger in bed soon and headed off to my freshly laundered sheets. As soon as I got in bed Kaleb came in and climbed into my bed whispered, "Nite nite Mom. Snuggles," and started stroking my face until his little hand went limp and he drifted off to sleep.

I have the most thoughtful, caring boys in the entire world. I cannot wait to see them with their little girl.

Kaleb is SUCH a sweet boy.
Baby girl will be here in 12 days, if this heat doesn't drive her out first!

10:09 AM


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

So I reached that stage last night, officially. I am uncomfortable. I got up 3+ times to go to the bathroom. After the 3rd time I turned my alarm clock around so I would stop taking mental notes about what time I was up. Let's just say if this little girl needs to eat every 2 hours when she get's home her mama's schedule will be ready to go! That is the only positive I can see in this whole cannot get comfortable, up to go potty, check on Kaleb, grab ANOTHER drink because I'm thirsty again (repeat whole cycle) for the ENTIRE night. "Why don't you limit your fluid and not drink anything after 7 pm?" my grandma asked me. Well, maybe because I crave water after 9 pm? I have tried to not walk down the hall and pop open the fridge to see that gigantic water pitcher calling my name but it does. So I answer the call.

This weekend was all work. I know how excited Brian was to run, clean and work all weekend but we did take a small break on Sunday to let Kaleb swim with some friends and watch a wonderful fireworks show. Unfortunately, my camera lost its juice as soon as we pulled into the cookout so no pictures. Olivia got this picture with her phone because my ultra-cool kid just needed to wear her shades around THE ENTIRE NIGHT. He would pull them down a tiny bit to walk up/down stairs. (I think this is the picture I'm going to bring in with my to delivery because I am so in love with that face- it's so Kaleb & his outgoing personality)

I'm not sure I really nested that much with Kaleb because I am a ultra clean person anyway. How do you tell if someone is nesting who would scrub toilets, stock pile laundry and wipe down baseboards anyway? This weekend happens and then you know.

Brian went to get another load of baby stuff from storage and I set off to work. I turned on "A Bug's Life" which is Kaleb's new obsession since he has taken notice to the bugs on the patio. I poured half carpet cleaning solution (that goes in our actual carpet cleaner) into a cup with half hot water and got down and scrubbed each and every individual stain in our living room carpet with a tooth brush. Then I busted out the actual carpet cleaner and leaned over it every few minutes and really put my weight into vacuum part to deep clean everything. It looked amazing wet but I was sure as it dried at least one or two of those purple popsicle stains would surface. Nada. My carpet looks brand stinkin' new. Brian and I had words when I explained to him HOW I got everything out but when I let him smell the carpet cleaning solution he walked off mumbling something about ..."dangerous chemicals"... but it really doesn't have a strong odor or fumes so I felt just fine about the entire thing. 

I dipped all of Kaleb's hard plastic toys into a bleach/water solution and let them dry in the sun. I took apart his high chair and scrubbed it on the porch with the same bleach/water solution. The cover went into the washer on the hot cycle with... you guessed it.... bleach/water. I scrubbed down baseboards, cleaned out cabinets, sanitized and put away each and every bottle/pacifier I could find. I did an unreal amount of laundry. Okay, now I KNOW it's nesting. And the worst part? I am actually excited to get home today to start the rest of my cleaning list. 

You would think with all this running around and cleaning I would actually fall into bed at night and sleep like a baby. Nope. It just makes me move slower to the bathroom.

13 days. 

Just 13.

Kaleb is 1 year, 9 months, 1 week & 4 days old. 

1:50 PM

Happy Holiday Weekend!

Friday, July 2, 2010

As this holiday weekend approaches I thought I'd share a few quick pics from our 4th Celebrations in the past:

4th of July 2008 (pregnant with baby Kaleb in this one!)

4th of July 2009
My adorable little man (with corn on his face!)

It looks like my 2010 picture will be with a gigantic baby belly again. Now, I know everyone might think they see a trend here but rest assured for the next 4+ years I will be enjoying icy cold adult beverage this weekend which means this will be my last 4th of July baby belly for a while.

Hope everyone enjoy's this holiday weekend! Be safe :)

Kaleb is old enough to actually enjoy the holiday this year.
Baby girl will be here in 17 days.

12:29 PM

July is Here!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hellllllo July! This month I will get to meet my sweet little girl so just for fun we did our predictions:

Madame Zaritska, using her mystical powers, has the following prediction:

The day you deliver, outside will be foggy. Your baby will arrive in the early morning. After a labor lasting approximately 30 hours, your child, a girl, will be born. Your baby will weigh about 6 pounds, 3 ounces, and will be 21 -1/2 inches long. This child will have light green eyes and a little patch of red hair.

I did this with Kaleb and got a bit of a laugh out of it considering the questions are what's your favorite color, what's the weather like now and so on... and nothing about your actual pregnancy or previous. Obviously, we know our GIRL will arrive in the early morning because it's scheduled that way. I'm not so sure about the red hair considering neither one of us have this in our immediate fam but hey, you never know!

Here is the one I did for Kaleb:

The day you deliver, outside will be hazy. Your baby will arrive in wee hours of the morning. After a labor lasting approximately 9 hours, your child, a boy, will be born. Your baby will weigh about 7 pounds, 7 ounces, and will be 18-1/2 inches long. This child will have dark brown eyes and a little patch of brown hair.

I have no idea what the weather was like the morning of Kaleb's birth, normal, I guess. He arrived at 8:31 am so not exactly wee hours. My labor actually lasted about 12 hours so she wasn't far off on that. Surprisingly enough Kaleb weighed in at exactly 7 pounds, 7 ounces but with blue eyes and 21 inches long.

I made a list of everything we still actually need to get from the store before she's born and thankfully, that list is not long. I do have a pretty hefty "To Do" list that I am sure Brian will appreciate when I get off work today. I have all of my hospital bag, baby girl's bag and Kaleb's bag list's done too. They surprisingly make me feel better, tucked away in my manilla folder labeled {Baby Girl's} Birth. Now if I can just get some of those things marked off my list's I will be a happy camper.

Yes, to those of you who ask, {Baby Girl} does have a name. No, we aren't sharing or posting about it until she is here. Her name is personal to us. It was decided a long time ago and I don't want anyone to make a face, ask a stupid question or "suggest" a different name. It really makes me mad just thinking about it now. If someone told me they we're naming their unborn child, Harry, I wouldn't ever dream of saying:

"Oh I went to school with a Harry. He was so weird..."
"Oh... Harry. Cute. Don't you like Henry? Kinda like Harry but better"
"Oh Harry from Harry Potter. How about Ron? That name was in that book too."
"Oh Harry like after your husband, won't that get confusing. Having 2 Harry's in the house?"
"Harry... like H-A-R-R-Y? That spelling will really mess him up..."

And the list goes on and on and on... Kaleb was going to be Elijah forever. Eli for short. I cannot tell you how many people either suggested other biblical names, pronounced it wrong, told me how calling him Eli would be confusing for him in Kindergarten when they call Elijah on roll call. In the end it aggravated us so much I started to hate the name. I never encountered anyone that said, "Wow what an AWESOME name. I love it." because if they did that would be their kids name and then we'd be "name stealing."

So, no, you can't know her name just yet. Don't worry, I have the post explaining all our meanings and things behind the name set to post when we are still in the hospital so everyone will know why {Baby Girl} is actually {                                    }.

Kaleb is 21 months & some change.
Baby girl will arrive this very month. Scary.