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The Joy's of Summer

Monday, July 12, 2010

One week from today we will be holding our baby girl. That is completely unreal to me. I don't feel that pregnant. Maybe because I found out so late? I am uncomfortable and move extra slow but nothing that is screaming, "Get this baby out!"

Brian had to work the ENTIRE weekend until 9 p.m. which was really hard on me. I really missed his help and really got a good understanding of how much he really does when he gets off work. Thankfully, my mom was able to come over and take us to the grocery store Saturday and I took FULL advantage of the help. We had 2 carts full of food and next weekend I should only have to run out for milk and some drinks. That was a big help to get the grocery off my list!

On Sunday, I was hanging Kaleb's comforter on our porch to dry in the sun when I saw (what looked like) a honey bee land on his middle finger. I knew that if I provoked it there was a good chance it would sting him or me. Obviously, I'd rather it be me but being allergic to bee's and being really pregnant is not a good option either. Thankfully, it flew away immediately but Kaleb's face when he turned around was horrible! I knew right away he had been stung, even before the screaming started.

I picked him up and ran into the house (nothing like a bee to get a pregnant lady really moving) the whole time he's screaming, "Mom! Mom! Owwwwwwwwwwww!" and holding his chubby finger in my face. He had 2 stinger marks and now I realize it wasn't a bee!

Yellow Jackets look like Honey Bee's with no fuzz, sting repeatedly and don't need to be provoked. I never thought I'd wish it was a bee:

 I let him play in the kitchen sink, the whole time the cold water rushing over his finger is helping the pain, but when he pulls his hand out of the water he keeps saying, "Owww Mama.... owwwwww!" I get on the phone with my mom and tell her to get to a pharmacy NOW because the Benadryl I had here I chucked when that recall came out a few months ago.

Thankfully, she got to the drug store and had to get the 4+ years old Benadryl because they had pulled everything else. Thank goodness my kid weighs a staggering 37 pounds because the pharmacist okay'd an entire teaspoon which took the swelling down immediately (after letting him play some fun games with a few ice cubes).

I let him stay away until Brian got home from work because my energy was zapped. Brian was surprised he was up but was very happy about it! They ate a big bowl of ice cream before he put him to bed.

Thank goodness Kaleb is not allergic because this was our test! He's gets more like Brian everyday. I have high hopes my fair-haired child will be an outdoors-man like his dad and not have to worry about sun-burns, bee stings and snakes like his Mom.

1 week until little Miss makes her debut. 7 days.
Kaleb is 22 months, really tough & NOT allergic to stings. Thank you Lord!


Jessica Shanks said...

OMG thank goodness he is not allergic too!! Poor little guy I can't imagine what he must have been thinking? Bet he wasn't a fan of bugs that day lol. Call us if you need anything at all, i know we're like 20-25 mins away but I can get there fast if need be....even if you just need to run somewhere don't hesitate to call.

Ericka said...

Thanks Jess :) Kaleb would show you his finger the next day and say, "Bad Bug! Hopper!" If you remember, Hopper, is the big bad cricket in Bug's Life so I'm pretty sure he thinks Hopper stung him!