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Monday, July 26, 2010

It's been one week with our beautiful baby girl. One week. Wow.

The time has flown by and each day I learn more about our little princess and her personality. She fits in so well with our family that I often look at Brian and ask, "You feel complete right? Like you're whole all of a sudden?" It's like a small piece of our perfect  puzzle was missing and now she's here. The feeling is so overwhelming, not understanding HOW your world will be rocked, from the first time you hear that cry. 8:19 am, one week ago, everything changed.

I am so in love.

We are so in love.

I am working on her birth story right now but besides a few pre-birth issues with me everything has been seemless. After everything with Kaleb's tough birth and NICU stay it is shockingly quiet with Kamryn. Yes, it looks like she's going to be Kamryn. Kaleb walks around calling her, Tammy, which is supposed to be Kammy. And thus, she is our Kamryn. Although, we have called her by both names because they all called her Olivia in the hospital. And big Olivia just refuses to call her anything but Olivia. We have quite a few months before she will recognize her name so we'll keep playing with it and see what happens. For now, I have a Kaleb & Kamryn. And I love it.

I got to nurse before she was an hour old. I was in Heaven, as you can see.

Kamryn is the BIGGEST sleeper I have ever met. Seriously. The only problem I have had with breast feeding is that I cannot keep her awake! The lactation consultant even had to come in and teach Brian ways to keep her awake and eating. I pump after each nurse to try and stimulate my supply and keep it up (because of the breast reduction). Again, everyone was genuinely surprised at how much I am able to pump with her, so far. With Kaleb he outgrew my supply at 8 weeks and then we did half for a while but I never got to nurse him. It was all pumping. Oh, what a difference it makes.

I'm not going to lie. It's hard. My breast hurt a bit but it's nothing like most women complain of, so I do feel lucky in that aspect. I hate not knowing if she is getting enough to meet her needs. I hate that having the reduction means my supply won't be normal. I pump and Brian bottle feeds her 3-4 times a day too because I want to know she's getting a good amount. Thankfully she does good on both breast and bottle. She even sucks on her pacifier like a pro.

This morning we had her 1 week appointment and she's down exactly 1 pound from her birth weight. Her doctor wasn't really concerned but told me she wanted her up and nursing every 2 hours. Right now she's every 3-4 hours. It's been 6 hours since we left the office and I still cannot get her to eat that often. From the bottle or the breast. She is pretty sleepy still and only has about 1 wakeful period per day. I am really committed to breast feeding her so the pediatrician's office has a RN who is also a certified lactation consultant. We're going back on Wednesday so just Kamryn and I can meet with her and learn some new techniques and get some help with her feeding schedules. I mean, who complains that their baby sleeps too much! What a strange problem.

Kaleb has taken to his sister so well. He loves on her and plays with her toes. I don't think he really understands what a baby is and how they communicate. He sat over her the other day saying, "Hi. Hi. Hey. HEY. HEY! Tttttammmmy!" and after she just stared at him he started yelling at me, "Mama Tammy talk!!" He also likes to swipe her bottles and get in a few drinks, lay in her carseat and lay under her play mat. Most of the time, he just ignores her. I guess she's just not that interesting!

I'm working on a birth story now. And lots of pics. And lots of stories. But for now it's back to my beautiful babies!
Kaleb is almost 2, I think. The days run together right now.
Kamryn is 1 week old.


trina said...

She's so precious! What an adorable picture of them together. I'm so happy for you! trina