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Mother of 1: Checking Out

Friday, July 16, 2010

This is my last post with one outside baby and one inside baby. Oh. My. Gosh.

My doc appointment this morning went great. The scale in the doctor's office is digital and I can only really see it if I lean over and check over Jami's shoulder. When Jami was putting all my stats in the computer this morning I asked her, "Give it to me straight, what have I gained this pregnancy?" I'm pretty sure I almost fell off my chair when she said,

"1 pound."

I immediately started arguing because I saw the scale once and after I calculated it was closer to 11 or 12. She checked each weigh-in and said, "Nope, you must've read it wrong. Just 1 pound. Oh and your BP is great too!"  120/70 to be exact. I cannot believe when I leave the hospital next week I will have LOST weight. I will lose all my pregnancy weight PLUS some. Can someone please pinch me? I have been touched by the pregnancy fairy with this baby.

I got my order's for the hospital too. We have to be there at 5:30 am, no breakfast. Surgery is schedule to start around 7:30 so she'll make her debut early. Kaleb was born at 8:31 am so she won't be too far off. I'm scared but I'm excited.

I ran and ran and ran yesterday in the stifling 94 degree heat and got every single thing we might need for Kaleb and this new baby. And the stuff I might need post delivery, yuck. And I have to share this deal with everyone I got yesterday at Target.

I was looking for a basic baby girl bedding, nothing fancy. Kaleb NEVER used his $200+ dollar bedding and I'm just not going to drop that kind of money again. Char & Jess both tipped me off that Target has the mix & match bedding so I thought I'd try my luck. If not, she was going to be snoozing on Kaleb's zoo animals for the first few months.

I really liked this Tulip bedding and I was able to find ONE last bedding set on sale for $44.99. That was already a steal, since it was originally $74.99. I opened the whole package and noticed the crib sheet was missing. Thankfully, they had the exact one for sale individually so I got a manager to throw in the sheet and take another 10% off the bedding set. I got the entire thing for close to $40.00 dollars. And it looks so awesome against the cherry wood of her crib.

I cannot believe I have this weekend and I will be a mother of 2. A SON and A DAUGHTER.

I am so overwhelmingly blessed. And I cannot wait to meet my sweet little girl. 

Aunt Char is going to be guest blogging with all her stats so look for an update on Monday.

Kaleb is 1 year, 9 months & 3 weeks old. And he's about to be the BEST big brother ever.
Our baby girl will be here in 3 days. 


trina said...

How exciting!! I LOVE the baby bedding. Can't wait to meet the new princess. :) I'm so excited for you.

watersea said...

Getting closer! Hope all goes well on Monday!