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The Name Game: Part II {Baby Girl!}

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What's in a name? I'm sure for each family it is very different. For Brian and I, it's pretty straight forward. We are very family-oriented, traditional, religious.... but modern. Now that you are confused, let's start with her first name:


Obviously, this is my sister's name. Our daughter is named after my sister. Brian's idea, no joke. Olivia has always been our "first born" so to speak. When B and I started dating she was just 16 years old and has grown up with our relationship. She moved into our first condo at 18 when she was commuting back and forth to Wright State and it all started there... movie nights, break ups, getting ready for big parties, staying in, broken hearts, illness... We did it all together. Brian and I cleaned her room, helped her with homework, did piles of laundry she'd bring home and grocery shopped for her favorite foods. I have to say that is one of the things that made me fall in love with B even more. The way he took care of 'us' like we were two halves of the same whole. He got our bond, he got that no one came before her, he got that he was supposed to protect her too. He did a great job then and he still does now.

Growing up, my parents divorced when I was really young. It made Olivia even younger. Those first few years of every-other weekend, divorce drama, separate lives, separate families created this bond between us. We NEVER slept in separate rooms or even separate beds until I left for college. We always had our own room and after mom would tuck us in and the coast was clear we'd knock on the wall and she'd sneak in to my room. Every. single. night. We asked to share a room for years and my mom always said, "No as soon as I do you'll want them back to being separate." We never did. When she would come home to the condo I slept in her bed sometimes and she kicked B out of our bed sometimes. Now she just likes to sleep with Kaleb.

Besides the fact that Olivia is my sister the name is also biblical. No, the name isn't a character in the Bible but...

 its meaning is "olive tree." Yes, Olivia, while not in the bible is a biblical name having the meaning derived from the Bible. The olive tree is a symbol of fruitfulness, beauty, and dignity in the scripture. There is also that important story about Noah's Arc. The dove that bring's Noah the branch signaling the end of the flood? A branch from an Olive Tree. This was another reason the name Olivia sealed the deal.

And finally, while I do not practice with my degree I spent countless hours in college minoring in English Literature. I loved studying English but facing-facts that the job market just wasn't open to an "English Lit" degree I chose it as a minor. 

 Being that I spent countless hours studying (and actually enjoying) Shakespeare it would be fitting that he is actually the first person to actually use the name Olivia in his play "Twelfth Night" from 1599. I love that little fact about her name.

So let's review:

Olivia is my sister.
 The name is biblical.
It was created by one of my all-time favorite writers.

Okay... so having a baby O and a big O could possibly get confusing. Except for the fact that since 1999, I haven't called my sister Olivia for any reason. It's always been "O" and that caught on at school and they started calling her that... it just stuck. Their will be no variations on the name... no Liv, Livy, Libby. Yuck. Just Olivia or "baby O" as Kaleb likes to say.


This name started out as our first name, Kamryn Olivia, which is beautiful. However their is NOTHING about this name that is special to us. We just like it. We always have. The "K" in Kamryn is obviously a nod to her brother "K"aleb (which originally came from my mom, Kim). Once we looked up the name and found out the meaning was, "crooked nose" it sealed its fate as a middle name. 

The name stuck from the time we found out we were having a girl as Kamryn Olivia until Brian sat up one night and said, "We have to change it." Looking back at all the thought and time that went into Kaleb's name (you can read about it here ) it just made sense that although we loved to have a {Kaleb & Kamryn} we just wanted her name to really MEAN something to us. And switching it to {Olivia Kamryn} does that for us.

Now what will we call her? 

Kaleb has already started calling her, Kammy, and that is perfect for both Brian & I. When I think of a Kammy I picture this perfect little girl with blonde hair, chubby cheeks and blue eyes just like her brother.

 Since I am actually writing this on July 2, 2010 I cannot tell you what she looks like or what we've started calling her so I'll update you when I get back to blogging soon. But I'm pretty sure what Kaleb decides will go... and how cool is that? {She can thank us later that we ruled out Bob as a name suggestion, thank you Kaleb}

Kaleb is just 5 days shy of 22 months old.
Kamryn is 1 day old. {You have no idea how strange it is to write that while she squirms in my belly!}