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No News

Thursday, July 15, 2010

No new news on the baby front. Still holding steady, counting down the days, 4 to be exact. I'm crampy and uncomfortable but SHOCKINGLY no swelling still. My rings are currently rolling around my fingers right now and I know when I try and wear them into the c-section I'll get busted and have to give them to Olivia to wear around. Thank you little girl. Thank you. Mama appreciates the ZERO water weight.

The crib is up. Her clothes are washed. The fridge, freezer and pantry is stocked. However, I have a 2 page list with 4+ stops on it and I have to get it done with NO help from Brian until Saturday after 3 pm because of work. Dang work! Doesn't it know I'm going to have a baby?!

I am very pleased with everything I have together already for Kaleb. It's honestly the HARDEST part of this entire thing. I hate having to leave him overnight, for more than one night. We haven't ever done that! I already have his Medical Consent to Treat during the week we'll be in the hospital, notarized, just in case of an emergency. Sure, I know they will treat him in very urgent situations. However, I remember getting stitches a few times and having to wait for my mom to come to the hospital because they wouldn't let my Step-Dad sign. Brian can make it back to where Kaleb is in less than 30 minutes but if he's in pain that 2 page paper gives a history and a notarized consent to treat. Score for the prepared Mom team!

I also attached a list of the medications he's allergic to, the proper dosages for his weight with Tylenol & Benadryl, important information about his medical history and his insurance card. Oh and did I mention the GIGANTIC list of numbers I printed from my cell phone all the way down to my in-law's, Christ hospital and poison control. Okay, score one for the OVER prepared Mom team!

Hey, better to be over-prepared than under prepared right? And with a c-section that is 4 long nights without my boy. Although, he will be down to visit us a few times so it's not like I won't get to see him. Can you see me talking myself up here?! Reassuring myself he'll be okay? He won't REALLY miss his Mom?

Cause I'll miss him. And my hormones are out of control.

I cried the other night, really hard. When Kaleb asks for a Popsicle it comes out, "Super Mom! Peaaaaase!" I burst into tears imagining him screaming at my grandma, Super! Super! Super! and no one being able to understand his wording for Popsicle.

Yeah, it's time for this baby to come out and my emotions to go back to normal.

Kaleb is going to be just fine without his parents because he's almost 2.
His sister will be here in 4 days!