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It's a....

We got some amazing news on Monday morning. News that deserved it's own blog post.

This is Jess & I. August 2008, pregnant with Kaleb & Riley. In fact, you can read about Jessica, Riley and the other Brian throughout this entire blog. Here is the post when we found out Riley was a girl. Or Here is where I wrote about her arrival. Or Here is where I wrote about what Jess means to me.

This is Riley & Kaleb when she was just a few HOURS old.

Brian & Brian holding Kaleb & Riley.

Finally! We have outside babies :) Just 3 weeks apart.

The babies first Christmas together. December 2008.

First Christmas

1st Annual Shankford-Peterford Christmas


Spring is here- April 2009

Motoring into Summer.... Swimming buddies!

Heading into Toddler-hood together...

And these day's they are just like an ol' married couple...

Oh how I love those babies.

But we worried. How would Riley be affected by Kamryn? Now it's 2 on 1. Brian and I begged and pleaded and I'm sure we prayed for The Shankford's to get pregnant after we found out about our impending arrival. And our wish was granted...

This was us 2 days before Kamryn's arrival, Jess is about 15-16 weeks here.

And we found out Monday that they are expecting a healthy baby


And now our Shankford-Peterford family is complete (for now, possibly forever). Kamryn's counterpart will make his arrival this December (possibly January) and Jessica and I will have made the journey together BOTH times.

Now Jess and I have each other and our daughters (Riley & Kamryn) to take shopping and for pedicures and do all kinds of fun girly stuff. And Brian & Brian (the best friends FOREVER) will have their son's (Kaleb & Lane) to take fishing and hunting and camping and four-wheeling.

So Congrats to the Shankford's... we cannot wait for baby Lane to get here and make our families complete! Love you guys.

Kaleb and Riley are almost 2.
Kamryn is almost 6 weeks and Lane is 20 weeks in the belly.


Jessica Shanks said...

Awww love you guys! I am sooo excited to see the kids grow up together! It's amazing seeing the pictures of Riley and Kaleb together over the past TWO years, you almost forget how fast they've grown!

trina said...

Awwww..I love this post. Both of them are such cute babies.
I,too was blessed with a friend that shared our pregnancies together...all three. Each pairs were about a month apart. And then her 4th is 2 years older than Alaina. Their 5th child is only one month older than Hudson. Only God. :) And now we have Benjamin and they don't have a 6th...so I'm working on that for them.teehee. They have talked about adopting. :)

Anonymous said...

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