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Kamryn's Birth Story

Tuesday, August 2, 2010

We spent Sunday July 18, 2010 getting the last minute things together for our baby girl, packing hospital bags and having some fun with Kaleb. We took him to the mall and spent some quality time during our last day as a family of three. After his afternoon nap, we packed up everything but the kitchen sink and dropped Kaleb off at my grandma’s for his 4 day vacation. Brian and I spent the rest of the evening hanging out, going over our check list (of course, I ALWAYS have a list or two!), grilling out and spending some quality time together. We knew we had to get up at 4 am but our nervous energy kept us up until 11:30 pm!

We set off for the hospital at 5 am, calling to wake up my mom and Olivia along the way. We arrived at 5:30 and they sent us to recovery to get settled in. I was in the exact bed I recovered from my section with Kaleb. I just smiled to myself, determined to not let my nervous energy take over my mind. As we went to check in and get my IV started the nurse noticed that I was 38 weeks, 6 days. Since Kaleb’s birth, The Christ Hospital, put a rule into place that said if you were not 39 weeks they would not do a planned c-section or induction without a written note from the doctor with the reason why you need the induction/section. If it wasn’t sufficient (IE: pre-e, low fluid, ect) the hospital refused. In the 6 months they had the rule in effect the NICU has been grossly over-staffed because they no longer have 2-3 day stays for babies just taken too early. Obviously, the rule was needed and effective. The nurse even told us that some doctors have SWITCHED hospitals! Ugh. How irresponsible! Either way, they had to call Grim at 5:30 so he could write my note from home (even though I was just 1 day shy) and he had it in their system by 6:00 am so they could start my IV.

I have never in my life not had an IV take on the first try. I’m not afraid of needles and I have awesome veins so I didn’t think there would be any problem. After my nurse tried twice she called IV therapy. The IV therapy nurse tried twice and blew one of my veins and I bled so bad they had to change my bed sheets BEFORE my surgery! I don’t know if I have ever seen Brian so upset. He was not happy with the staff even though I was just fine, even helping pick out good sites. Finally, another nurse got it on the 5th attempt. Brian had to take a coffee break after that, poor guy.
My mom, sister, MIL, FIL and BIL, Donald, arrived at the hospital around 7. They came back to our room and hung out for a bit. When Doc arrived and went to get dressed Donald prayed over me and we all held hands. It felt so nice to have that this time. They took Kaleb so fast that no one made it down in time except my parents and sister. They took me back before Brian and the spinal was seamless. No pain. It wasn’t even uncomfortable. I, of course, said yes to 2 residents assisting in the section. I made BFF’s with our anesthesiologist since he is the person you spend the most time with during the hour long process.

Brian came in and guess who followed him in? Pam! She was our scrub nurse. She sat at the foot of the operating table and kept giving Brian the thumbs up. Of course, we talked with her and doc about Kaleb since they both knew how far we had come from the day. Brian held my picture and prayed with me both before and after she made her appearance.

At 8:15 am I started to feel the worst pressure. I knew she was about to make her appearance. I remembered it helped me to continue to breathe during the pressure if I made grunting noises. So I did again. Then at 8:19 am I heard her cry. Oh Lord, what a beautiful sound.

I held my breath. Moment of truth. Dr. Grim leaned over the curtain, “She’s perfect Ericka!” Then it was like a chorus as they passed her to Pam, “Ericka, seriously, she is PERFECT!” Brian left my side to go take some pictures while they cleaned her up. She just kept crying. And I loved it. And then I cried. A lot.

She, just like Kaleb, took a gigantic gulp of fluid right as she was coming out so she was a little pale and gurgling. Brian scooped her up and brought her over to me. He kept comforting her and I just kept saying, “No no please. Let her cry!” I just needed to hear that sound over and over again.

As they were closing up Pam asked to take her over to the nursery to get cleaned up and she’d meet us in recovery. I looked at Brian and he said, “I know. I know. I’m going… Love you babe!” and off he went with our little girl. Just when I thought they we’re gone he stuck his head back in and said, “Hey doc, take care of my other baby while I’m down here!” The whole OR started laughing, including me. I could only lay there and thank God for Brian, Kaleb and our sweet baby girl.

Just as promised, they met us in recovery where I got to nurse right away and besides a quick trip around the room to our visitors she laid skin to skin the entire time. Even when I started getting really itchy (a wonderful side effect of the spinal) I refused to give her up.

We spent the next 3 days in the hospital and had some visitors including our sweet baby boy (twice!) who immediately understood she was a part of our family. Brian took him to get some food on his first visit and they took Kamryn for her heel prick while he was gone. When he came back in he ran to her crib and asked, “Sissy? Baby sissy? Where Mama?”

Each night, they nurse would come into our room and ask if we wanted to send her to the nursery for a few hours. Each night, we said, “No way! Are you kidding?” and I can only assume NOT having Kaleb in our room his entire stay made us this way. Or maybe we just love our kids that much.

What a different birth story I have with Kamryn. I can only thank God for all his wonderful blessings and both birth experiences.

Kaleb is 22 months, 1 week, 2 days old.
Kamryn is 2 weeks & 1 day old.