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Friday, August 27, 2010

Last night... this is what it looked like at 9:30 p.m. in my house.

I know her ear looks smashed, I did fix it right after I took the picture. I promise.

Yes, that's right. BOTH of my children we're fast asleep in their respective bedrooms & beds. And at just over 5 weeks old my daughter slept all night in her crib. That is the first time ANY child has spent the night in that thing since we bought it over 2 years ago. The best part? I fed her when I got into bed at midnight and she slept until the alarm went off for Brian to get out of bed at 6:00 am this morning. She might have slept longer, I guess we'll never know! Either way, I am very happy with that length of time. She slept through the night! Kaleb was probably 6 months before that happened. Who would've thought that babies sleep better in their cribs!?

I do have a "1 Month" post for Kamryn with all kinds of updates but that camera with those pictures is in my car. I'm sure I don't have to explain why a simple act of running out to my car, while home alone, with both children is NOT an option. In fact, Kaleb locked Brian and I out on the porch the other day with Kamryn inside. It only took him 10 seconds of prompting to unlock the door but it was so SCARY! We didn't even know he could reach that lock. Now we know.

The past couple days have been our first's at home with just the 3 of us (Me, Kaleb & Kami) while Brian is at work. Usually, Kaleb went to a sitter or we hung out at my mom's or with my sister because of the c-section (and the ban on lifting Kaleb). Now that we are home I don't know why I didn't do it sooner! It is the best and we are already into a pretty good routine.

After Brian leaves in the morning Kaleb comes in and gets in bed with me in Daddy's spot. He gets a diaper change, refills his cup and we go back to sleep until 9 am. I feed Kamryn while Brian is getting ready for work and then we all snuggle in for another 3 hours of sleep. I love this part of the morning. It's so quiet and I can hear both babies sleeping. Love this time. Love it.

We all play and eat and watch movies and all kinds of stuff until our nap at 1:45. I will put Kaleb down in his bed and lay with him for about 1 minute. I tell him, "Mommy is going to go check on Kami. I'll be back" and he stays put while I lay her down. By the time I get back to check on him he's asleep and that usually gives me 2 hours of baby-free time during the day when both kiddos are down for a nap. I should sleep or eat or work out or read during this time but lately I've been cleaning.

But it's for a good a reason.... September 1st is right around the corner and that mean's it fair game on Fall decorations. I am pumped. So I'm doing the "fall cleaning" where I clean closets, rotate some clothes, organize toys and such. I am almost done. Thank goodness. I also took this time to move the packnplay to the livingroom and transition Kami to her crib. And I am soooooo glad I did.

Kaleb is so good with her now. He can even hold her for long periods of time and tells her stories.

Or just give her snuggles.......

Oh how I love my sweet babies. How could I have ever imagined life any different? We have a very exciting fall/winter coming up with Kaleb's 2nd birthday in September. My grandma, Mom, Jess & Riley all have October birthday's. Halloween. Aunt Olivia's birthday and thanksgiving. And don't even get me started on Christmas. This is going to be the best Holiday season EVER.

Kaleb is just a few weeks shy of 2.
Kami is 1 month, 1 week and 1 day old.


Jessica Shanks said...

Can I just say how proud of you I am? I was soo nervous thinking of having 2 kids 2 and under but seeing how well you have transitioned really gives me hope!