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The Million Dollar Question

Monday, August 9, 2010

So the million dollar question, was is easier to go from zero kids to one kid? or from 1 kid to 2 kids?

Brian and I agree, 110%, much easier to go from 1 to 2 kids. Hands down.

Now, don't get me wrong. Situations like this, still make me cringe.

Because when you have 2 babies, you just cannot be everywhere at once. And because they aren't twins (which I'm convinced I could handle easier than one GIGANTIC toddler and one tiny baby) you have to interact with different activities all at the same time.

I miss Kaleb, in so many ways. Kamryn is an extension of me right now. Where I go, she goes. Which means a lot of the rough and tumble boy games Kaleb likes to play are out of the question. And he is SUCH a boy.

But it's getting better and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel....

Kaleb understands better now after 21 days of always hearing, "Be nice! Easy! She's sleeping. No, don't do that!"  He holds her hand and kisses her piggy's. Sometimes he tries to give her real food or take her bottle or get in a suck on her pacifier. However, we have figured out little tricks too.

If she's napping and we are across the house in the living room (and since the Angel care monitor is SOLD OUT EVERYWHERE) we'll put her down in the pack n play and drape a blanket over the one mesh side. Kaleb runs and plays and has no idea she's there because if he did, he would be adding toys to it trying to get her to play. We make sure her bouncy seat is up on the kitchen table or counter. We just cannot ever leave them alone in a room together and that is the hardest part about 2 under 2.

On the plus side, it has MADE me be a better mother. I put her to nap in her crib or the pack n play. She is great at self soothing and waits patiently for me to pump or get to her because I just cannot be everywhere at once.  I really don't think I could live without my Moby wrap (thanks Jess!) because it allows be to hold her or nurse her and still hang with Kaleb or wash dishes or throw in a load of laundry.

Summer is difficult. We are all over the place. Kaleb is staying the night with my mom, his Aunt Olivia, Grandma Luther and his Mamaw all the time. We ask after a visit, do you want to go with mommy and daddy or stay with _______? He almost always wants to stay. He's such a lucky boy to have so many wonderful family members to stay with during these summer months.

But come fall the poor guy is going to be shocked back into reality with a whole new routine for nap and bedtime. And from all the sleep training books I've read I can start transitioning Kamryn into a routine at about 6 weeks. I know it's what both babies need to stay happy & healthy this fall and winter. Plus, this whole no routine thing is very hard on me(and Daddy too!)

For now, we are just enjoying our two wonderful kids.


joven said...

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Mama Kim said...

OH My Gosh.....BEAUTIFUL! See....I do follow you when I am not working...lol...I have the most beautiful grand children in this world. Your blog makes me cry every time. Keep up the good work. Love you all......Mama Kim