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Kaleb Updates

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

During this maternity leave I have gotten so much more time in with Kaleb. I cannot believe how quickly his development is coming along at this age. Every single day it's a new word or phrase. In the past couple of days it's been:

"I can't reach it!"
"I can't see it, it hiding?"
"I'm go hide Mama!"
"That scared me!"
"Sit down please Daddy."

Of course, can't sounds like tant and reach is wwweeeeach so it sounds so sweet when he says something new. We took him 2 weeks ago to his new pediatrician. I don't think I could've been a prouder Mama. Kaleb has a pretty extensive history so we had to spend a few minutes explaining everything he's been through in his 2 short years. First, he SHOOK HER HAND people. Reached out and asked, "hand?" and then said, "Meet you" (which is nice to meet you) with the biggest grin. She told him that she wanted to look in his mouth and he said, "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" and stuck his tongue out. When she asked if he could identify at least 3 body parts Kaleb launched into pointing and yelling his parts out loud and she couldn't stifle her laughter as his grabbed his crotch and yelled, "WEE WEE!" Before she could stop he turned around and yelled, "Hiney!"

After she finished she asked Kaleb if he wanted a sticker and he responded, "Yes ma'am." After he picked out a Mickey sticker and pointed out every character on it he said, "Shhhhhhhank you." Unprompted. I could've cried tears of joy. He finally called someone ma'am instead of sir (although I wasn't complaining about that either- 'sir' was close enough for me!) She turned to us and said, "Wow. Good job. I mean, really, good job. He's incredible." I was so happy Brian got to accompany me to the appointment. I don't think he would've believed me if he hadn't heard it himself.

As a parent, it makes you feel like maybe you're doing alright.  Just maybe, the little things don't matter. That letting him watch a few video's isn't hurting him and he's not drinking too much juice and we are playing all the right games and he's turning into a well rounded young boy. ::sigh:: And while I'm so happy and proud it makes me so sad, he's growing all too fast.

Look how big he looks :)

Love that smile!
Drinks with an open cup, No problem!

He even knows to take it back to the table when he's ready

He is a master at the stairs
( I love the popped collar- that he does himself)

I stumbled upon this (those are my glasses) after I was done getting his bath ready.
And he is constantly kissing "Tamawennnnn" He even knows to put his arms next to her and not ON her.
It took a while.

This picture makes my heart smile : )
Aunt O took him to a local park.

And while he's making such amazing developmental strides his attitude and actions have changed also. The temper. Oh, the temper is bad. It usually involves throwing himself on the floor, making himself a wet noodle and screeching. "Time Out" still works but he developed a viral infection last week that caused a bad fever and rash so we got off schedule. And he was one cranky lil' man. I am no longer phased by tears in the store because it's the only way he'll learn he cannot have everything no matter how many times he asks, "have it please." Sometimes learning is not so fun.

Overall, I'm loving this age and looking forward to our little guy turning 2!

Kaleb is soooo close to 2.
 Kamryn is almost 2 months.


trina said...

He's such a handsome little guy!! He does look so much older and growing up so fast. If only time could stop for a little bit,huh.
And to answer your question about the camera, we have a digital Canon Rebel XTI. We've had it about 4 years so it's not the most current one..but still is 10 megapixels. It's been good. I just need to really learn how to use it. :)