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A Lil bit of everything

Friday September 17, 2010

The top one is Kaleb around 2 months & the bottom one is Kamryn a few days ago. I really think they look alike and I am so curious to see what Kamryn will look like in a few months!

My sister, Olivia, recently got the chance to go to Hawaii. One of her close guy friend's is stationed on the base there so she jumped at the chance to visit. I just wanted to share a few of her amazing pictures.

Beautiful :)

I was so proud =) She went hiking (this is soooo not an Olivia thing)

Big Olivia :) Love that.

A few people asked me if and when I am returning to work. Yes, I am returning to work but we're taking it slow. This week I worked a few hours on Wednesday and I'm going to be working a few hours today. It's SUCH a nice change to get out of the house and be productive (especially because today I'll be in the kitchen at work- I love being creative with food!)

I have also started filling out my FAFSA and looking into some local colleges with graduate programs or even getting another degree all together. I'm just not sure yet. However, Brian and I both feel that this would be a great time to continue my education depending on how much financial aide I qualify for today. They have sooo many adult education programs that helps working mothers/fathers manage their time better. And of course my boss is perfectly fine with me continuing my education (because she's still a Mom first- and who doesn't want their child to continue their education?)

I like love school. Love it. I love learning new things. I've always said if I had unlimited money I would be a "career student" and get as many degrees as I could. I'm sure people think I'm crazy with 2 babies, working and possibly going to school. However, I can cut out of work for any classes or take a few night classes and let my children hang with their Dad or go to the grandparents for dinner. I have a great support system. Now is the time- wish me luck! I'm hoping to find a program and school that fits our family and be enrolled by January.

And in other news... Survivor is back! Actually Fall  is here so a ton of our favorite shows coming back on soon. Brian and I sat down to watch and found our favorite right away:

Her name is Kelly. And she is the first of her kind on Survivor...

See her on the far left? Yep. She was BORN missing her left leg. Brian and I we're careful to watch her during the challenge and of course, she really did great.

I'm not sure how long she'll last though because the other team members we're talking about if she made it to the end she'd get ALL the sympathy jury votes. Even though it stinks, that is true, she just seems a little more amazing than anyone else on the show.

Either way, she's still our favorite. And kudos to Survivor for allowing her to be on the show and break down those barriers. I love seeing people like our bug doing great things! =)

And tonight is our FIRST night since Kam was born TOTALLY BABY FREE! Can you see the smile on my face? Hope everyone enjoy's the weekend!

Kaleb is 1 week from 2.
Kamryn is 2 days from 2 months.