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Halloween Bash

Monday, October 25, 2010

On Saturday night Brian and I spent our baby-free night at a Halloween Party. I was really excited this year to spend some adult time with my parents (who are usually the ones watching the babies on our free nights). We spent some time brain-storming about our costumes and finally settled on them:

Brian went as Bret Michael's (The lead singer of Poison, most recently won Celebrity Apprentice)

And Brian's version...

And I went as Snooki {Nicole} from the MTV show Jersey Shore:

And my famous tan & hair bump...

We had a blast with my parent's who dressed up too:

Penny lives on an old farm and converted the horse barn this year. It looked amazing:

How you can tell a caterer was in the building:

 Me &My Mom
Penny {She was a Bed Bug} & Kelly {She was the Orkin woman! Loved it!}

I cannot even lie though... We left the party before 1 am. Not even 5 years ago Brian and I probably would've just gotten started. Even my parent's outlasted us... but then again they didn't have 2 small children to drain their energy all day.

Even little man got in on the action Sunday morning. He was watching Toy Story like this! :)

While we had a blast without our children we picked them up early Sunday morning and spent the whole day cooking, cleaning and relaxing. It was such a fun weekend- we cannot wait to get the kids dressed up for Halloween.

Did I mention I love this time of year yet? I'm just saying.

Kaleb is 2 years & 1 month old.
Kamryn is 3 months, 6 days old.