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Happy Birthday Kaleb!

Tuesday, October 4, 2010

I'm back........!

We'll to work that is, which means more time for blogging. I'm only here part-time for now (but we'll have to talk more about that in a future post).

Our sweet boy turned 2 last Saturday so we have a whole day of fun-filled activities for our baby big boy.

Kaleb and his daddy :) Ready to get going!

 First stop: Chuckie Cheese (He was a first-timer!)
 Giving this guy a hug before heading to the next ride (He's so sweet!)
 Our Family of 4
 Tools! Tools! Tools! (He sleeps with these things!)
 Mid-day Birthday Nap (He requested Daddy to sleep with him- No problem!)
 He climbed up ONTO the table and lifted the glass lid OFF his cake before his dinner was done!
 So his cake got fingered up but we sang :) And he blew out that candle like he's done this for years...
And of course, the best part..... Eating It!

I cannot believe that exactly 2 years ago, our world was rocked by one tiny little boy:

And then celebrating his first year of life..

And then watching him learn and grow....

Happy Birthday Buddy! You have changed EVERY single life you have come in contact with over your 2 short years. You have taught everyone more about what it really means to live. You have strengthened our faith in God, our family & shaped our future in ways you won't ever understand. You are an amazingly sweet big brother, jumping at every chance you get to kiss and love on your Kami-Bug. We are so blessed to call you son.

We cannot wait to see what this year has in store for you Kaleb.