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Thursday October 7, 2010

Can you believe it's been 11 weeks since I had Kamryn?!

You forget how fast they change. It's like you blink your eyes and your sweet baby girl is smiling at her daddy.... (And my GOSH does she look like him!)

 She is my #1 BEST sleeper. She sleeps anywhere and everywhere, it doesn't matter. She still sleeps in her crib at night but sometimes she naps in her swing, hi-chair, bouncy seat, carseat, or couch during the day. She gave me my longest stretch of sleep the other night from 9:30p-6:30a. And again last night.

 She loves the water. Loves it. So I guess she is like her Mama like that :)

I told my mom when I was pregnant I wanted to get her attached to a "lovie" so that she will use it to go to sleep instead of her bottle (cough cough KALEB) So she got her this sweet Minnie mouse and I think we've found our "lovie"... (Seriously, she loves this thing)

And one of her favorite things to do is sit and 'talk' with her brother. As you can see, Kaleb goes NUTS when she coo's and oooo's at him

So far, Kamryn hasn't had many issues. She's healthy and growing (almost 12 pounds now 65%) and she is busting out of her 3 month onsies because she is 24 3/4 inches long (99%+). She sleeps. We have her feeding down now and figured out what works best with her reflux. Thankfully watching Jess with Riley & her reflux gave me a heads up on what to look for and we got it worked out quickly. We only have minimal spit up these days.

Okay, so maybe we should be calling her Olivia. Let me count the ways she is like her aunt:

1.) Loves to sleep. My sis still has a hard time getting out of bed before noon.
2.) Long long long legs (this trait must have skipped me! boo!)
3.) Soooooooooooo cute
4.) Her eyes are turning blue (so they are this purpley-gray right now, love it)
5.) Big Olivia had long dark brown hair for a LONG time when she was little. I think she turned into her blonde self around 8+ months
6.) Oh the attitude. It's going to be bad. When we don't get Kam her bottle fast enough her cries come out in these grunts and it literally sounds like she is yelling at you to "hurry it up!"

Sometimes I have to pinch myself because I cannot believe I have a GIRL. I have a daughter. I was getting ready for work this morning and I heard her talking away in her crib. As soon as she saw my face she smiled so big that her pacifier fell right out of her mouth. Now THAT is a great thing to see first thing.

Oh, how we love you Kami-bug.

Kaleb is 2 years old.
Kamryn is 2.5 months old.


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